Calvert the Raven in The Battle of Baltimore

J. Scott Fuqua

Calvert the Raven…
J. Scott Fuqua
hardcover $17.99
paperback $7.99


You think history is boring? Baltimore kid Daniel does–until a chance encounter with a magical talking raven named Calvert sends him flying back to 1814, where he finds his home city under siege by a British army on the verge of defeating the United States of America in the War of 1812.

Amidst the fire of muskets, the thunder of cannons, and the dark approach of the British armada, Daniel discovers just what it took for a young nation to endure the Battle of Baltimore. He witnesses firsthand the bombardment of Fort McHenry.

“History,”; Calvert tells Daniel, “is watery.” And maybe the star-spangled banner won’t survive this time.

The beautifully illustrated pages of Calvert the Raven in the Battle of Baltimore, the first book of the Flying Through History series, are as close as you can get to the Battle of Baltimore without going back in time yourself. Author and illustrator J. Scott Fuqua takes you on a harrowing journey through a history of near misses, narrow escapes, and brave soldiers with no idea what tomorrow would bring.

When you’re flying through history, history is never boring.

Teachers and Educators, please click here for a free pdf of the MDSE Lesson Guide for Calvert the Raven: Calvert the Raven Lesson Guide from MDE 072313

Please click here for the Fuqua Visiting Author Package, a guide to bringing the author to your school or event!

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  1. Hunter on April 29, 2013 at 12:51 am said:

    Hello, I’m Hunter and I met you at fort mchenry. I bought a book from you and i really liked it! It was a fun and cool book! Thank you!

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