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As Dog is…
Jeffrey Cohen $16.95

“Funny? Of course—but also wise, suspenseful, and a genuine pleasure to read.”
—Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series 

““In Cohen’s third Aaron Tucker whodunit (after 2003’s A Farewell to Legs), the aspiring New Jersey screenwriter and occasional freelance journalist again puts on his sleuthing hat after a young man with Asperger’s syndrome is arrested for a senseless murder. Despite damning evidence, including the accused’s confession and possession of the murder weapon, Tucker, who has an autistic son, finds the nature of the crime incompatible with his understanding of the suspect’s symptoms. Persisting even after a local mobster warns him off, the amateur detective uses his son to pursue the truth. Cohen succeeds in injecting humor and humanity into this clever puzzler. Parents of Asperger’s children are a natural audience, but this work should appeal to a broad cross-section of the mystery market.”
—Publishers Weekly

“As Dog Is My Witness bit me with the first paragraph and never let go! I liked the story, the characters (and the author) so much I immediately ran out and bought the other two Aaron Tucker books. Now, when do we get the fourth?”
—Linda Ellerbee, Television Producer, Journalist, and Best Selling Author

““Humorous asides arise from screenwriting deadlines, cockeyed in-laws, and self-castigating remarks. Highly recommended.”
—Library Journal

““Cohen throws all sorts of red herrings into this quirky story, but at its heart, the novel is about the father-son relationship, and about how Ethan’s instincts and intelligence delight Aaron as his son begins to become a man before his eyes. Expect a growing audience for this clever and endearing series.”

““Would you enjoy a great murder mystery that delivers a ton of laughs and introduces you to colorful characters such as protagonist Aaron Tucker’s immediate family, an organized crime family, and some of the wackiest bad guys and cops you’ll ever meet, that’s delivered in a neat plot that twists and turns like a whirligig, and learn a lot about the often misunderstood world of Asperger’s Syndrome? Jeffrey Cohen’s As Dog Is My Witness has got it. Now, go get it!”
—Dennis Debbaudt, author of Autism, Advocates and Law Enforcement Professionals

““I loved it. Jeff Cohen gets better with each book, and he was terrific starting with book #1. Aaron Tucker is so easy to spend time with, as are the other characters.”
Ginny Levin, Retired Teacher

““In As Dog is My Witness, Jeffery Cohen writes a Sherlock Holmes Family Christmas. Aaron Tucker, his protagonist, would throw one of Sonny Amster’s gourmet bagels at me for saying that. But that’s part of the charm of this holiday yarn about how a New Jersey Jewish family survives Christmas, toxic visitors, a very genial but dangerous mobster, and oh yes, a murder. They’re a Yiddish Swiss Family Robinson, with a brilliant lawyer mom, an adorable pumpkin of a little girl, and an Asperger Syndrome preteen boy who ends up out-sleuthing his dad. But it is Aaron Tucker himself who makes these books so delightful. Cohen has one of the strongest voices in mystery today, and that voice will make you laugh out load at times reading this book. I kept muttering, ‘Damn, I wish I’d written that!’ The reviewers tend to undervalue excellently written amusing mysteries in favor of dark, brooding, violent, noir novels laced with serial killers and despair. Straightforward stories about decent people doing the best they can, and doing it pretty up-and-walking good, just aren’t cosmopolitan enough. Well, if you want a great read that might mess with your sleep because it’s so hard to put down, but will leave you feeling like the world’s not such a bad place after all, this is your book! And it makes a great holiday gift, for friends of all faiths—agnostics, and atheists very much included.”
—David Skibbins, author of Eight of Swords (

““Readers who like a wholesome who-done-it with no blood, gore, or profanity will definitely want to read the entire series of Aaron Tucker mystery novels. As Dog Is My Witness is the best work in this charming and often humorous series because the who-done-it is superbly constructed with quite a few viable suspects, but readers also learn and understand somewhat what Asperger’s Syndrome is and how it impacts the entire family.”
—Harriet Klausner, America’s #1 reviewer, for Midwest Book Review

““Jeffrey Cohen has written a mystery that’s cleverly crafted, perfectly paced, and doggone delightful. Aaron Tucker and a rich cast of two-legged and four-legged supporting characters will entertain you and keep you guessing whodunit right to the tale end. You’ll love this book, as dog is my witness!”
—Sue Owens Wright, author of The Beanie and Cruiser Mysteries 

““Jeffrey Cohen hits the mark again with his latest installment in the Aaron Tucker series. It’s everything a mystery ought to be: thrilling at every turn, funny just when you need it, puzzling throughout, and deeply satisfying at its close. I read it in a single sitting and when I turned the final page I thought, that’s a doggone good book.”
—Dylan Schaffer, Author of the Misdemeanor Man Mystery Series

““A mystery with humor, warmth, and dead-on characterizations of family life—Jeff Cohen is definitely barking up the right tree.”
 —Rochelle Krich, Now You See Me… and Grave Endings, Winner of the Mary Higgins Clark Award

““With a breezy conversational tone, author Jeffrey Cohen gives the reader a birds-eye view of freelance writer Aaron Tucker’s somewhat frenzied life . . . As more layers (both plot and clothing) are added and additional suspects emerge, the action intensifies until the reader feels only admiration and awe as Aaron juggles an assortment of suspects, clues, and other whodunit balls in the air. The novel careens toward a whiz-bang ending, but not before we learn which are the best bagels in New Jersey, that loving someone too much can be hazardous to your health, and that mob characters are people, too.”
—Crimespree Magazine

““Having company for the holidays is always stressful, but when the in-laws are perfect, or at least appear to be, you know rough days are in store for Aaron, Abby, Ethan, and nine year old daughter, Leah. For all involved, the visit is a culture shock that will resonate with readers quite well . . . An entertaining and twisting read that provides a few chuckles as well as a couple of surprises along the way. This is the third novel of the series and can be read as a stand-alone because earlier events are briefly mentioned. However, I would recommend reading them in order, starting with the often hilarious For Whom The Minivan Rolls, followed by A Farewell To Legs. Like this book, both reads are funny and smart, and contain good mysteries.”
—Mysterical Ezine

“Filled with Mr. Cohen’s trademark wit, wisdom and humor . . . Mr. Cohen makes no bones about the fact that both he and Aaron Tucker are Jewish, and the wisecracks on almost every page certainly attest to the fact that humor is just as prevalent as the famous Jewish guilt! . . . Jeffrey Cohen writes with tongue firmly planted in cheek – and although completely different from fun writers like, say Janet Evanovich, Mr. Cohen obviously has no hesitation when it comes to putting down the pompous, the proud, and the politic. New Jersey can claim to be the birthplace of a number of famous names – all of whom moved elsewhere as soon as they could. So how come Jeffrey Cohen stays? Anyhow, As Dog is My Witness is a good step toward joining that list!”

“I LOVE it. What a welcome change for families with AS.”

“Those lucky enough to have read Jeffrey Cohen’s first two mysteries, For Whom the Minivan Rolls and A Farewell to Legs, will be happy to know that Cohen’s third mystery featuring Aaron Tucker, As Dog is My Witness, is just as good . . . With his trademark self-deprecating humor, protagonist Aaron Tucker narrates a story that moves along at a fast clip, weaving in red herrings and plenty of twists and turns. As good as the mystery is, however, it pales in comparison to the characters and to the writing style. When it comes to mystery novel heroes, Aaron Tucker is truly in a class of his own. His humor and intense love for his family shine through on every page. It’s impossible not to relate to his character or root him on as he fumbles through his cases, making fun of himself and others at every turn. The humor is always light-hearted and never cruel, making an already enjoyable novel even more fun to read. His supporting characters, including Aaron’s wonderful family and friends, are also well-written and their appearances enhance the storyline and the character of Aaron himself. If you haven’t tried one of Cohen’s Aaron Tucker books, you’re truly missing out. Although I suggest you begin with the first book, For Whom the Minivan Rolls, to get the whole story on Aaron and his family, you can’t miss with any of his three books.”

““A lot of mysteries get labeled ‘laugh-out-loud,’ but this was the first one to make me actually, you know, laugh out loud. You want to know how funny As Dog Is My Witness is? I started laughing out loud on page five. The woman sitting next to me in the airplane wrote down the name of the book. I read good parts to my husband over the phone. And if that’s not enough for you, Jeff Cohen also slips in a lovingly clear-eyed tale of family life and a wickedly twisty mystery. So what are you waiting for? Buy the book already!”
—Julia Spencer-Fleming, Agatha and Anthony award winning author of To Darkness and to Death

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