Calvert the Raven Praise

Calvert the Raven in The Battle of Baltimore
by J. Scott Fuqua
hardcover $17.99
paperback $7.99

“Calvert the Raven in The Battle of Baltimore is an interesting book that makes it easy to teach kids about the War of 1812. How many times have you been ready to doze during a history lesson? For Daniel, the young boy in the story, history is boring. Plus, according to his teacher, Daniel has written a terrible paper on the War of 1812. While pondering his teacher’s note and possible punishments from his parents, a raven shows up to take Daniel back in time to the Battle of Baltimore. Daniel sees that bombs and cannons, and brave men fighting can’t possibly be boring. Calvert doesn’t give it all away, he lets Daniel think America may lose and alter the course of history. As they travel through time, Daniel longs to be home with his family and safe in his bed. This book is the first in the Flying Through History series. The bright and colorful illustrations bring the War of 1812 to life in a fun way. Add this great title to your collection for patrons age seven to ten.”

“Daniel has gotten a poor mark on has paper about the War of 1812. Maybe it’s because he thought the subject was so boring. Enter Calvert, a talking—make that wise-cracking—raven who flies Daniel back to the war, where he can see for himself the intensity of battle. This oversize offering has some strong points. The breezy tone and plenty of dialogue will draw in readers, and the dramatic, well-executed watercolors add impact to the telling . . . The descriptions of the fighting—almost hand-to-hand combat—will surprise and inform children, who will also learn something about the causes of the war . . . There’s not much written about the War of 1812, so this will find a place on library shelves. Expect more from Calvert in the Flying History series.”

“History is boring. Or at least that’s what Daniel believes, and he expresses that opinion in a school-assigned paper. Needless to say, his teacher is not pleased and Daniel suspects his parents will not be, either. Daniel meets a magical raven named Calvert, who shrinks the boy and takes him back in time to the Battle of Baltimore. With a literal bird’s eye view, Daniel learns that the battle was anything but boring. The survival of the United States hangs in the balance. And Francis Scott Key’s joy at seeing the flag feels real. Readers will enjoy the ideas of time travel and of flying with a bird. And they might accidentally learn something. Fuqua’s realistic artwork, as well as his cover art, make this volume especially attractive. Recommended for classrooms.”

“I really enjoyed this book. I found it to be very informational, with great description, a great story line, and great pictures. When Daniel thinks the War of 1812 was boring, Calvert the Raven helps him see the reasons why it’s not boring at all. In other words, Calvert the Raven in the Battle of Baltimore is fun to read as well as interesting.”

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