Finding the Forger Praise

Finding the Forger
Libby Sternberg $19.95

“Libby Sternberg has done it again! I read Finding the Forger in a single day and just LOVED it! One thing just leads to another, and what happens next is totally unpredictable. I can relate so well to Bianca’s character because her life is so real, and so full of fashion, boys, and social politics. I’m ready for a third Bianca mystery already!”—MANDEE SIMMONS, 13, BALTIMORE, MD

“What’s fun about this is Bianca’s first-person voice––droll, yet totally teen. Bianca is a kid who seems very real … A good alternative to Nancy Drew.”—BOOKLIST

“Bianca is an extremely likable character: smart, funny, and able to find humor in the worst situations. The author does a great job of capturing her voice, conveying all of Bianca’s insecurities and doubts as well as her triumphs. Although the second in a series, the novel can stand alone, but readers will undoubtedly want to check out Uncovering Sadie’s Secrets (Bancroft, 2003) to fill in the gaps. An entertaining read.”—SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Though obviously targeted for teen readers, adults (especially us geriatrics who cut our teeth on Nancy Drew) will enjoy this solid amateur sleuth investigative tale (sorry, Bianca, but the pro gets paid). Bianca is a delightful lead character whose asides to the audience are witty, as the “weight of the universe” pressures of loving relationships, complex investigations, and botched home perms are wryly explained. The who-done-it is cleverly designed, assuming the audience can think rather than just dumbed down. Author Libby Sternberg respects the young crowd that serves as the center of Finding the Forger.”—HARRIET KLAUSNER, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW, 9 OF 10 STARS

“Full of action, mystery, and romance, Finding the Forger is an AWESOME, brain boggling, keep-you-guessing novel brought to life by Libby Sternberg’s magical words. I finished it in a single day!”—MOLLY PAILET, 11, DENVER, CO

“Young adult (YA) literature has experienced a surge in popularity since the enormous success of the Harry Potter series. YA is now not only for kids, but also for adults who want to read light, fun fiction and escape to a world a little more innocent than their own. Although Harry Potter may currently rule the YA world, readers would be well advised to take a trip off the beaten path and pick up the Bianca Balducci books by Libby Sternberg.

In Sternberg’s second Balducci book, Finding the Forger, Bianca is trying to deal with normal, everyday teenage concerns, such as why her two best friends aren’t getting along, and what to do about an incredibly horrific perm. But when a rash of forgeries turns up at the local art museum and her sister Connie, a private investigator, is hired to check them out, Bianca is presented with a whole new set of problems. A wannabe private eye herself, Bianca does her best to help her sister investigate the crimes while caught in a love triangle between her boyfriend Doug and a new, charming Brit named Neville. Will Bianca be able to help her sister solve the string of forgeries? Will her relationship survive a kiss from a dashing foreigner? And, most importantly, will her terrible home perm ever resemble human hair again?

Libby Sternberg’s second Bianca Balducci mystery is simply a delight to read. Bianca is one of the funniest characters to come out of young adult fiction in years, and her inner monologue is impossible to resist. Add to this an interesting mystery, colorful supporting characters, and perfect pacing, and you have a book that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. With its lack of bad language or racy situations, Finding the Forger is appropriate for kids of any age, but will probably be most appealing to those twelve and up. Whether you’re still dealing with teenage angst or have long put those days behind you, you’ll be certain to enjoy Finding the Forger and the other book in the Balducci series, Uncovering Sadie’s Secrets.”—ANGELA MCQUAY, MYSTERY MORGUE

“Vermont Public Radio commentator Sternberg delivers her second charming Bianca Balducci mystery. This time, Bianca’s PI older sister is hired to investigate a spate of museum thefts and forgeries, and Bianca finds herself right in the middle. This sequel to Uncovering Sadie’s Secrets reads like a contemporary Nancy Drew with a little more romance and a lot more humor. It’s nice to read wholesome, funny mysteries without murders again.” —ELIZABETH BLUEMLE, OWNER, FLYING PIG BOOKS (CHARLOTTE, VT), 2000 BOOKSELLER OF THE YEAR

“I admit it. I have zero interest in art. But Libby Sternberg’s Finding the Forger, accurately set in my hometown of Baltimore, was a fast-paced, lots-of-fun whodunit whose many, finely tied-together clues made me want to keep reading—and keep guessing—right up to and through the final chapter. There’s no other way to put it: Forger was right on par with Uncovering Sadie’s Secrets, which means, it too was really good!”—LISA TAYLOR, 14, PIKESVILLE, MD

“Finding the Forger is fast-paced and enjoyable for a teenage girl audience. In fact, it’s a wonderful book to read.” —REVIEWING THE EVIDENCE

“This second installment in a series of mysteries featuring Bianca Balducci, 15-year-old detective wannabe, has the feisty sophomore involved in tracking down an art thief. The mystery takes second place in this story, providing a support to a plot primarily concerned with humor and relationships … Sternberg throws in a couple of nice red herrings along with some action sequences that make the story satisfying, but keeps her focus on the kind of humor that should appeal to high-school readers. (Fiction, 12-15)”—KIRKUS REVIEWS

“A delightful and enchanting read … A great book for mystery lovers!”—ERIN HATTLER, 11, DENVER, CO

“As a young adult librarian, I’ve found it difficult to find young adult mysteries that are as appealing to teens as they are to adults. So, it was with great pleasure that I was introduced to Libby Sternberg’s Bianca Balducci series. Finding the Forger, the sequel to the Edgar finalist Uncovering Sadie’s Secrets, continues the adventures of fifteen year-old Bianca as she again follows her nosy inclinations to help her friends and annoy her family. Although Bianca helped to clear Sarah in the previous mystery, things still aren’t going rosy for the teen. Sarah’s foster sister resents her, there’s shady happenings going on in the museum where she works, and her security guard boyfriend has just gotten accused of engineering an elaborate art forgery and death scheme. So naturally Bianca decides to do what she can to help, even if this extremely irritates her older sister Connie, a struggling private investigator who reluctantly gets involved in Bianca’s escapades. What with Bianca’s boyfriend Doug getting a little too close to her friend Kerrie, a young Hugh Grant lookalike giving Bianca his attentions, and a whole lot of Christmas shopping to get done, Bianca has more than her share of problems. But there’s always time to investigate, even if her older sister refuses to make her a partner in her investigation business. Sternberg has created a wonderful character with Bianca, whose observations are as hilarious as they are true. She also definitely remains a teenager, as a home permanent from hell disrupts her life as much as the rampant crimes. Adults as well as teens will be able to relate to her problems, and the mystery will keep readers riveted to its speedy end. Fans who love the level of humor and wit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will also enjoy this series, which is appropriate for younger teens as well as older ones. Bianca is the Nancy Drew of today’s generation.” —CINDY CHOW, YOUNG ADULT LIBRARIAN, KANEOHE PUBLIC LIBRARY, KANEOHE, HI

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