Gradebusters Praise

Stephen Schmitz $16.95

“Throughout his 30 years of counseling and his 25 years of teaching, Schmitz has become very familiar with parents’ concerns about their child’s grades: they want to help, but they often feel powerless. Help has arrived in the form of this consolidation of Schmitz’s considerable knowledge, which reads like a parent’s private session with the author. In a highly readable style, he shares step-by-step solutions for common problems, e.g., when it comes to a child’s apathy about grades, parents must address the issue head-on. Schmitz believes that every child has the potential to succeed and will empower parents to take charge. Highly recommended for public libraries.”—LIBRARY JOURNAL

“In Gradebusters, Steve Schmitz provides parents a clearly written, well illustrated, highly practical guide to turning their underachieving kids around. Back when I was teaching, I wish I’d had such a nitty-gritty book to recommend to parents. Now that such a good one exists, parents and schools should buy it in bulk and use it to everybody’s benefit. Those who hesitate should remember Dr. Schmitz’s best line: ‘If nothing changes, then nothing changes.’”—GINNY LEVIN, RETIRED HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER, BALTIMORE, MD

“Gradebusters is filled with lessons to which all parents, starting with their children’s pre-primer years, should have access. Dr. Schmitz deals with issues head-on that would otherwise plague our children with bad grades and rob them of talents they innately possess.” —DESSIE S. WILLIAMS, PRESIDENT, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATION, AND ASST. PROFESSOR/COORDINATOR OF MULTICULTURAL AFFAIRS, LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY (ALEXANDRIA)

“I’m not at all a fan of self-help books, but I recommend Gradebusters to EVERY parent, and to everyone who wants to become a parent, because they’ll need this book and benefit from it. I know, and am a relative of, many people like the students described in this book. If their parents had had Gradebusters, I have no doubt that many of their children would have become much better students, and much better citizens.”—MARY YANG, MT. HOLYOKE, MA

“Though I have no children of my own, I shared much of this book’s information and advice with my neighbor, a single dad who was having problems with his eleven-year-old son. I found the book easy to read and the case studies real-life situations that parents could actually relate to. Many of the self-help books give examples that aren’t understandable (too much theory) or just not applicable. My neighbor says his son seems to be taking more responsibility for his actions —he allows himself no Internet surfing until his homework is done—and his grades are improving. Thank you, Dr Schmitz!!”—PATTY ELLIS, M.S.W., HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA

“Gradebusters is a very good and useful book. I especially appreciated its description of the social aspects of school and how important they are to being a successful member of our society. Another great chapter is the one about parents needing to be in charge, and how to accomplish that. And the author’s emphasis on attitude is so right on! I love his appeal to parents to ‘teach character.’ So much of what he says is just common sense, but parents need to hear it again and again. For me, Gradebusters is a good reinforcement of what I’m doing already. It makes me feel better about my involvement with my son’s school life (‘What quizzes do you have coming up? What long term projects? Have you begun research on the Slavery Essay?’) It also reminds me to help my son plan the work on those long-term projects instead of me just nagging him along the way.”—CINDY PAILET, DENVER, CO

“Gradebusters should be a prerequisite for parents entering their children into the public education system. So many parents need practical solutions, and this book gives specific guidance for parents who are overwhelmed. Bravo to Dr. Schmitz for acknowledging that conflict is a necessary part of being a parent, and for reminding us that school is a full-time job.”—ELIZABETH LEIKNES, MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER IN CALIFORNIA

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