In the Wake of the Boatman Praise

In the Wake of the Boatman
Jonathan Scott Fugua hardcover $25.00

“In Boatman, the author takes an extraordinary hero, with unique desires, and makes him shockingly accessible, heart-felt, and heroic. Nothing is what it seems, the author reminds us, and we should always expect the unexpected. Beyond that, Boatman’s humanity will move you beyond your wildest expectations. You’ll feel you’ve known the characters all your lives, and you’ll feel their pain, because the author knows them so deeply and always finds their heart.”
——Randy barbuto, Executive Producer, World of Wonder productions (Linda Lovelace Documentary, Rock Around the Block, House of Clues, Housebusters, Showdogs Moms and Dads, Sports Kids Moms and Dads, The Gay Republicans – Shock Video 2005: Naughty By Nation)

“Wonderful book . . . Better than almost everything else I read, and I read a lot of terrific stuff .”
—Margaret Richman, Vail, CO

“Jonathon Scott Fuqua is the genius behind award-winning novels for teenagers and adults such as The Reappearance of Sam Webber (ALA Alex Award, School Library Journal Best Book of the Year, Booklist Editor’s Choice, and more) and DARBY (Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, Book Sense Top 5, Mark Twain Award finalist, and more), and The Willoughby Spit Wonder (“It is the kind of novel, by turns comical, haunting, and thrilling, that comes only once in a blue moon”—The Boston Globe).”
—James Proimos, pleasantsquirrel industries LLC

“A marvelously written and wonderfully compelling novel depicting a son’s complex, frequently humorous struggle to understand an oft-debilitating abhorrence of his father. As he crosses the sea separating the generations, Puttnam Steward’s boat seems destined to sink in failure. But through his struggles, Putt, a character one can easily relate to, eventually learns how to take the good boat-wood his father supplied him, scrape the rest away, and keep his life afloat.”
——Ronda Lindsay, Reader, New Braunfels, TX

“In the Wake of the Boatman is a gorgeous work of art—an exquisitely well-written novel about a fascinating character who, for a variety of well-placed psychiatric reasons, wants to be his sister. A very touchy subject—cross-dressing and transvestitism—is handled with considerable grace and enlightenment. Boatman should have enormous appeal to all discriminating readers of literary fiction, college age and up. Frankly, I couldn’t get enough of it.”
—Marilyn Heller, Denver, CO

“Poignant and well-written.”
—Dave Mace,VP of Original Programming, LOGO / MTV Networks

“Intense drama written with a masterful touch. Most of the characters’ lives are wrecks, but never without the possibility of redemption. I found myself needing to go back to the book after I’d put it down in favor of something else, needing to know what was going to happen . . . Troublesome sexual identity is a shadow on every page of the novel, but it never asserts itself overbearingly. It is a part of what the novel is about—not all of it, but just enough. I like that it defines Putt without being the only thing that defines him, and hangs over the novel without being its only meat . . . Milton and Mary are wonderfully fleshed-out secondary characters. They are beautiful and very real; I truly believe they each have their own separate lives, rather than existing, as so many secondary characters seem to, as support for the star of the novel.”
—Rachel Stark, Student, Goucher College

“Jonathan Scott Fuqua is a true master of character. In his hands, Putt is every bit as compelling as he is complex—a cipher to all, including himself, but so grippingly real it’s difficult to put the book away and let him go. But that’s no surprise. With a writer as brilliant as Fuqua, the only surprise is that so many readers have yet to discover his work.”
—Harrison Demchick, Award-winning Screen Adapter of Fuqua’s The Reappearance of Sam Webber

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