Lady Macbeth: On the Couch

Lady Macbeth: On the Couch April 15, 2014
Lady Macbeth: On the Couch, eBook & Kindle

The latest installment in Alma H. Bond, PhD’s incredible biography series, Lady Macbeth: On the Couch is a deftly written account of the life of an iconic character.

Scholars, professors, and historians have wondered for centuries how and why Lady Macbeth, the beautiful, beloved wife a nobleman, had to encourage—nay, push—her husband, Prince Macbeth, to commit the ghastly crime of killing the king. Dr. Alma Bond, whose insights have already given rise to newfound understandings of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Marilyn Monroe, reveals the answers to this ancient mystery through a fascinating, first-hand look at life more than a millennium ago.

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