Last Call at the 7-Eleven Praise

Last Call at the 7-Eleven
Kevin Cowherd $19.95

Kevin Cowherd is one of the nation’s best humor columnists and one of my favorites. He ranks right up there with P.J. O’Rourke, Roy Blount, and Calvin Trillin.

“While on the run, I’ve been taking a daily dosage of Kevin Cowherd’s Last Call at the 7-Eleven. It’s very funny stuff. My intention is to keep right on reading, and laughing, and my suggestion to everyone else, once they get the chance, is to do the same. Cowherd’s not only a fine comedy writer, but an outstanding humor columnist to boot.”

Cowherd, a humor columnist for the Baltimore Sun, here collects 75 of his columns on topics ranging from “Rich, Famous and Dead,” through the “Non-Renaissance Man” (about the wages of repairmen and the avoidance of household chores) to “Fun & Games in the ’90s” (about the difficulty of discerning the appropriate restroom for each sex). At his best as a parodist, Cowherd is witty on topics like looking for love in personal ads, or seeking advice from Dear Abby.

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