Last of the Black Emperors Media

Last of the Black Emperors
Jonetta Rose Barras $24.00

How did Marion Barry pull off his political resurrection? Why are African-Americans so enamored of him? And why, despite his return to power, has Barry’s story so dramatically lost promise? The Last of the Black Emperors explains the many paradoxes of Marion Barry’s career, and documents the growth of his racial and political identities parallel with those of his largely black constituency.
Jonetta Rose Barras places the D.C. mayor in context, comparing him with politicians-black and non-black-of his generation, and with “the new black leaders” who have rendered his style obsolete. Focusing on the period from Barry’s 1992 prison release, through his 1994 mayoral victory, and the subsequent erosion of his influence in the nation’s capital, BARRAS’ study traces the uneven trajectory of a wily, controversial, but captivating personality.

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