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Lonesome Song
Elliot light $19.95

Elliott Light’s Lonesome Song: A Shep Harrington Smalltown Mystery is a darkly compelling, splendidly written tale about a country-western singer whose death is abruptly ruled a suicide without investigation. Shep Harrington, a perturbed 32-year-old disbarred lawyer, is determined to find out the truth of what happened.The more Harrington learns of the last minutes of the victim’s life, the more disturbing parallels appear between Harrington’s own past and the tragedy he seeks to solve. A fascinating, convoluted novel, Lonesome Song is very highly recommended reading for mystery buffs. Elliott Light grew up outside Washington, D.C. in McLean, Virginia before the beltway encircled the capital city, before farms were turned into housing developments, and before open fields became mega-malls.”

“As a retired high school science teacher, and a self-confessed mysteryholic, I thoroughly enjoyed Lonesome Song.. Its opener is a great hook. Its end is smashingly good. And, in between, there are characters to care about, plot developments that surprise, a mystery that well sustains itself, and sly humor that works. Take it from me: A visit to Lonesome Song is well worth your time. ”

“Shep Harrington is an engagingly human hero and Lonesome Song is a rich read.”
— BOB CULLEN, author of Mulligan for Bobby Jobe

“I found myself enjoying Lonesome Song immensely. I loved the main character’s main challenge — getting a proper burial for his good friend. I loved the confrontation between the old lady Rose and the main character Shep — and the whole old-grudge factor. The scene where the two lab-characters come in and push rods through the corpse was riveting. Everything ended in satisfactory manner. And the main character is one I’d like to know better. His characteristics of sleeplessness — of a hardening brought on by incarceration, and at the time of Lonesome Song, his manly need to be with a woman — all make for someone I’d want to see again in a sequel. Yet, Lonesome Song is more than the sum of its wonderful parts. Purely and simply, it makes for a rollicking and unpredictable read.”

“As someone who’s read thousands upon thousands of Mysteries™ during a 75-year lifetime, at a pace of about one every two days, I enthusiastically recommend Elliott Light’s unusual but entertaining Lonesome Song. A couple of things made it quite different from many of those I’ve read, yet every bit as good as the best of them. First, it took me half the time to read as the usual mystery. Second, its premise was unique — a famous man dies but can’t be buried. Third, its small town setting was rare, pleasant, and central to the story. Like the best of the best Mysteries™, it not only maintained the mystery throughout, but I cared about Lonesome Song’s characters — from the deceased Reilly Heartwood, to the protagonist Shep Harrington. And, like the best of the Mysteries™ I’ve read, Lonesome Song was also about themes that are both universal and important — from the power of forgiveness to the weaknesses of the criminal justice system. I don’t often recommend the Mysteries™ I read, but I make an exception for Lonesome Song. Read it and you’ll give yourself a very special and enjoyable afternoon.”
— RITA BORTZ, Hallandale Florida

“My sister let me read an advance copy of your book. I hope you don’t mind. Lonesome Song was
excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the road you took me down. Thanks for a great six hours.”

“If I had to use one word to describe Lonesome Song, it would have to be fantastic! And I don’t even like fiction! From the first few paragraphs, you know something fishy is going on. In the beginning, each chapter drives the mystery deeper. In the middle, all bets are off as to who actually committed the crime and why. And towards the end, each chapter reveals additional clues as to who murdered Reilly. I really liked the cast of characters that Elliott Light has assembled. There is someone for everyone to identify with. Needless to say, I am greatly looking forward to the next Shep Harrington mystery.”
— ERIC GIBSON, Leesburg Virginia

“Elliott Light’s first suspenseful novel is rich in content and even richer in character development. Cali McBride, a reporter and love interest for Shep Harrington, the Light-created lawyer/sleuth, best describes the book’s essence: ‘A story about a famous recording artist, a town that won’t bury him, and the hint of foul play has Rolling Stone written all over it. Then throw in an attorney who once was the poster boy for government fraud, and this story will rock.’ Lonesome Song is an easy but enriching read. I look forward to reading more from the author and from Shep.”
– MARTIN E. SILFEN, Entertainment Attorney (Mays & Valentine – Virginia Beach), Law Professor (William and Mary) and author for Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries.

“For me, Lonesome Song was a good, casual, interesting read that kept my attention from beginning to end. I was curious throughout as to ‘whodunnit,’ and I found myself speculating until the conclusion on the possible motives of the array of characters. The end, which I won’t spoil, was heart-warming.”

“What a delightful book, populated with unique characters, a compelling mystery, and an intriguing plot that kept me in suspense right to the end! Having lived in Northern Virginia (Burke when it was still farmland) and hiked all over hell and gone in Virginia and West Virginia, I could see the settings in my head and only imagine that perhaps I’d driven past a poor farm where your drama played out unseen by me and all the others speeding by, somewhere on I-66. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this. I look forward to reading a lot more of these in the years to come.”
— LEWIS PERDUE, Author of the acclaimed mystery-thriller “Daughter of God” and the Guidebook “Country Inns of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia”

“Lonesome Song, with its cast of odd characters and its collection of strange situations, was great! Its small town setting of Lyle typifies every small Virginia town I know. And there’s a new twist lurking around every corner. I guess you won’t be surprised when I say I’m looking forward to more Shep!”

“As soon as you turn the first few pages of Lonesome Song, you can’t help but feel for Shep and become involved in his character. His hardened sarcastic wisdom and accurate observations resonate with any of us who are exposed to the law. The good people of Lyle need a good shaking, and Shep Harrington does it! He can practice in my firm any time.”
— JON L. ROBERTS, Roberts Abokhair & Mardula. LLC, Reston Va

“Lonesome Song is a real page-turner. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in an afternoon. It will be a great beach book, or a great read for an airplane, train, or bus ride. I’m looking forward to seeing what mischief you have in store for Shep — and Cali — in the next edition.”
— DEB JOSEPH, Herndon Va – Manager , Customer Relationship Management Systems and avid Bibliophile

As someone who reads mystery stories to keep from getting bored, I found Elliott Light’s book a refreshing change. Its fast-paced story offers more food for thought and literacy than the average sample of this genre. Light offers philosophical musings that lend depth to the story, and the characters, any one of which can be found in your own neighborhood, speak to the reader, as does the small-town setting. At the same time, this is a mystery story that moves right along, and captures the reader’s attention. Light, in this his first book, has shown us that he has considerable insight into and a solid grasp of the wiles of human nature. I strongly recommend ‘Lonesome Song’ and am hoping for a sequel.”
–ED DAGER, Professor Emeritus (sociology), University of Maryland

“I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m an avid fan of hard-boiled detective novels, and your book has a great style and easy manner that makes me miss the Shenendoahs. You did a great job of creating your characters, and keeping the outcome a mystery. There were enough people who wanted to get rid of Reilly, but you supplied a nice twist that I didn’t see coming.”
— DAVID JAYNES, Airport General Manager, WHSmith Travel USA – Waterstone Booksellers, Los Angeles CA

“I recently finished reading Lonesome Song, which I had a hard time putting down. I’ve read several series of famous mystery writers, and they all seem to be done in the same monotone, using standard interviews with predictable suspects, and always suggesting that lots of people could have done the deed. Lonesome Song, while a mystery, was very fresh and twisty. I found myself continuously grinning at its clever writing. I liked how I was launched into the drama right away. I loved the description of the characters, especially those of Amy and Rose. And Shep seemed truly honest and human. I smiled ear to ear when he took the body and got an autopsy going! I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel.”

“A good, old-fashioned, thoroughly captivating whodunnit, complete with wrongs of the past made right, dark humor, sins of the father, etc.. I can’t wait until the next episode in Shep’s saga!”
— PALADIN J. HENDERSON, Special Agent – US Air Force

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