Marilyn Monroe: On The Couch

Alma H Bond, PhD
Alma H Bond, PhD

Unlocking the Secret Truths about one of the World’s Most Fascinating Women.

Thousands of works have been generated in the name of Marilyn Monroe?such was her allure, her captivating charm. In a sea of images and text, of film and fantasy, the mysteries surrounding the life and death of the real woman have become the stuff of legend. Decades after her too-soon departure, her star shines on. Her luminous presence remains a fixed point for hopeful young dreamers and world-wise commentators alike.

Somewhere between the wishful lies, dry facts, and myriad speculations, there is a real story. These threads of truth are woven ever more spectacularly into the legend of Marilyn Monroe, and equally entwined with the history of Norma Jean Mortenson.

Who could sort through this tangled tale? A seasoned biographer, practically a legend in her own right, has taken on this sizable challenge.

The ambitious new title from Alma H. Bond, Ph.D. Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch gives us a view from inside the intimate setting of a psychoanalyst’s office as she interviews, counsels, and of course analyzes a patient of such rare qualities that her very presence threatens to enchant the professional whose help she seeks.

Marilyn Monroe appears immediately in the book and, true to form, steals the scene. From here, the book is largely written in her fictional perspective as she navigates in unflinching detail her memories of a troubled childhood shuffled between temporary homes, the first sparks of her impending electric career, and the layered dangers of love and political intrigue. All of this is rendered in first person, giving the reader the impression of listening in on a conversation with Marilyn herself.

And yet the Marilyn that emerges in Bond’s story is not a victim, but a highly intelligent and driven woman far ahead of her time. Her acceptance of female sexuality as an important and natural part of life helped to lessen the repressive sexual atmosphere in the United States and elsewhere, as well as bring about the Cultural Revolution of the 60’s. She also was one of the first women in this country to smash “the glass ceiling” and challenge a major studio, 20th Century-Fox, by single-handedly establishing her own motion picture company, Marilyn Monroe Productions.

Marilyn was a true original who operated on her own ideas. So too is Alma H. Bond. Bond, perhaps more than any other writer, holds a unique understanding of the time and place that birthed Norma Jean and created Marilyn Monroe. Alma is now 90 years old; if Marilyn were alive today, she would be 87.

With a psychoanalytic career spanning nearly four decades and twenty-one published books under her belt, Bond is uniquely qualified to enter the mind of Marilyn Monroe. From Jackie O to Michelle Obama, the guest list on Bond’s metaphorical couch has read like a who’s who of the western world’s most interesting and important women. Her skill, intelligence, and contemporary perspective are what set this work apart from all other attempts to quantify the intricate?and intimate?story of this iconic figure.

Praise for Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch

“Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch is the story of Marilyn Monroe’s fictionalized psychoanalysis with Dr. Darcy Dale, famous New York psychoanalyst. In the book, Marilyn reveals her life story to the doctor, who provides insight as to how the facts of Marilyn’s early life contributed to her emotional illness. The book also illuminates the gradually deepening relationship between doctor and patient, and how it led to Marilyn’s growth as a woman and great actress. Her three marriages are discussed in detail, and make clear why none of them were successful. The book is humorous, touching, and insightful, and provides a picture of Marilyn Monroe no author has understood before. The book also makes clear why no other ending to her life was possible. No one who has not read Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch will ever know the true story of Marilyn Monroe, which could only have been written by Alma Bond, experienced psychoanalyst.”

“Dr. Alma H. Bond has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology and is the author of 19 different books which she wrote using her skills and experience as a doctor. Her novels and On the Couch series have been written only after extensive review and analysis of each subject’s personal recordings. This is how she writes with amazing emotion and clarity from the view of her human subject. She gives a voice to MM that we have never heard before. She shows us a true side of MM that we have never seen before. Truth be told, at first reading, I found the narrative to be a little eerie. I even questioned if it was truly close to being what she would really say. But then the narrative delved into her upbringing and the words began to make sense. One cannot doubt the toll on her mind that her young life brought to her famous adult life. The traumas in her life seemed to be one right after the other, which gave her no time to recover and move on. Stardom gave her no respite, but it did bring short waves of happiness during her thirteen-year career. MM’s luminous personality shines throughout this book! The author unearths the major life events of MM’s past with personal anecdotes that only an analyst or close friend would be privy to. The reader finds out how and why NJ morphs into MM, physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you want a unique experience of learning more about a private woman known as the quintessential American sex- symbol, devour this book. You will view MM differently. If you think you already understand her, this book will surprise you!”

“After reading this book, I felt sad for Marilyn and I felt like it was actually HER telling me these dark stories of her life. Dr. Alma H. Bond collected all these moments beautifully and helped me understand Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jeane Mortenson. I encourage everyone to read this book, whether you are a fan or not, I believe after reading these stories you will feel a connection to Marilyn and respect her as a person and not just as a beautiful actress.”

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  1. “How did Marilyn Monroe, who started out as Norma Jeane Baker, become an icon of the 20th century? The answers come from author/psychoanalyst Dr. Alma Bond in a fascinating, fictionalized biography of the great but troubled film star. Written from a unique and revealing perspective, Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch takes readers on a whirlwind tour not only of Marilyn’s life and loves but also of mid-century Hollywood. In the book, Marilyn reveals her life story to her psychoanalyst, who helps her connect the facts of her early life to the emotional illness which propelled her to a tragic and early death. The book also illuminates the gradually deepening relationship between doctor and patient, and how it led to Marilyn’s growth as a woman and great actress.”

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