Mia the Meek Praise

Mia the Meek
Eileen Boggess paperback $12.95

“Far from fearless, fourteen-year-old Mia Fullerton is pushed, pulled, and prodded by family and friends to become more than she seems. You’ll cheer when she finally finds her inner confidence, and you’ll know that the high-school world is hers to conquer.”—CINDY BLOBAUM, AUTHOR OF GEOLOGY ROCKS! AND INSECTIGATIONS

““As Mia Fullerton enters high school, she’s determined to say goodbye to her meek, geeky self. After ditching her glasses and braces, the ‘new’ Mia is elected class president, beating oh-so-popular Cassie. Then—to her amazed delight—she dates the guy she’s been drooling over for years. But not everything is perfect. She still has to live with her smart-mouthed little brother. Cassie and her obnoxious girlfriends diss Mia whenever they cross paths. And her new neighbor Tim, the guy she loves to hate, is on her mind way too much. Eileen Boggess’s Mia the Meek is fast-paced fun. Boggess’s characters—especially spunky Mia—are quirky and well-drawn, and the lively plot sweeps them from one misadventure to another. By the book’s conclusion, Mia has almost reinvented herself, leaving Boggess’s readers anxious for Mia’s next adventure.”—JAN BLAZANIN, SIXTH GRADE READING/LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER

“Ninth grade terrifies everybody, right? Well, it certainly terrifies Mia Fullerton because her mother, who is her Honors English teacher at St. Hillary’s High School, tells her whole class the story of Mia’s toilet training. Could anything be worse than that? Well, there’s Mia’s really stupid boyfriend, and there’s a kiss from the wrong guy that melts Mia’s microcircuits. In Mia the Meek, Eileen Boggess gives us a character we can’t help loving and can’t stop laughing at. The book is full of fast dialogue, funny scenes, and tender moments. It also answers important questions—like how do you make a Kleenex dance? Don’t miss a word of it.” —SHARELLE BYARS MORANVILLE, AUTHOR OF THE PURPLE RIBBON, OVER THE RIVER, AND HIGHER GEOMETRY

“In her first novel, Eileen Boggess has created Mia, a likable, vulnerable, and yet heroic fourteen-year-old who’s determined to shed her old image, and start her high school career as someone new and improved. Boggess has captured well, through a catchy plot and interesting characters, the awkward, funny, tragic, and exhilarating experiences that mark the early teen years. She has provided not only an honest look at these growing up experiences, but for the teen reader, a means of gently navigating them, too, through the eyes of the unstoppable Mia.”—MARIBETH BOELTS, AUTHOR OF 17 BOOKS FOR CHILDREN INCLUDING STARLIGHT LULLABY AND SARAH’S GRANDMA GOES TO HEAVEN

“Fourteen-going-on-fifteen-year-old Mia Fullerton is a very shy person who has the nickname, ‘Mia the Meek.’ She will soon start her freshman year of high school at St. Hilary’s, with two goals: getting rid of her nickname, and getting known throughout her school. There are a few problems, though, such as her mom being her English teacher, her annoying little brother, and new neighbors with a son her age named Tim. At first, she thinks Tim is the best neighbor she could possibly get—he’s hot, has her teddy bear’s eyes, and loves her favorite book. Then, after he contradicts everything she says, she realizes he’s the biggest jerk ever. After school starts, an election is held for class president, and Mia is nominated by her best friend, with the nomination seconded by her forever crush, Jake Harris. What better way to leave her shell and lose her nickname? The only problem is she’s running against her popular archenemy, Cassie. Who will win the battle for class president, and will Mia get to finally date Jake? Mia the Meek is an amazing, extremely hilarious, laugh-out-loud book with an acceptable amount of romance. I highly recommend it. This is the first book in the Mia Fullerton series, and I can’t wait to read the next one, which is called Mia the Melodramatic. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind reading this marvelous Mia the Meek again.”—12-YEAR-OLD STUDENT REVIEWER FOR FLAMINGNET.COM

“Eileen Boggess has created a vibrant character in Mia Fullerton. How often haven’t each of us tried to redefine our lives so that others’ perceptions of us match who we wish to be? Mia accomplishes that goal and learns a great deal about herself and others in the process. Eileen writes with warmth and humor about the struggles of being a teenager.” —DONNA JONES, FIFTH GRADE CATHOLIC SCHOOL TEACHER

“I liked Mia the Meek because, in Algebra, we were studying the quadratic formula at the exact same time as I read the book, so it was pretty cool. I liked that Mia had to realize she didn’t want the wrong guy before she realized she did want the right one. I loved the fact she was good at sports and that she was smart. I hope there’s a sequel to Mia the Meek because I want to find out what happens next!”—MADDIE WIEDEMEIER, EIGHTH GRADE STUDENT

“I’m so grateful to have another book in my arsenal that I can enthusiastically recommend to precocious elementary readers who want to read about high school life, and teenage readers who don’t want edgier Young Adult stuff. Eileen Boggess’ straightforward and grammatically perfect writing style is a wonderful model of good prose for budding writers. What I liked best about the story is that Boggess managed to express the anxiety and self-doubt teens feel without the darkness that is so prevalent now in that genre. The situations are comical; the dialogue is witty; and the ending will evoke a satisfied sigh. I’m excited about adding Mia to our collection and look forward to her next adventure.”— MARY ANNE GRIEVE, YOUTH SERVICES ASSISTANT, URBANDALE PUBLIC LIBRARY

“Mia The Meek is a hilarious read! I could really relate to all of the issues facing the characters in the book. Sibling rivalry, dealing with the popular crowd, friendship, and boys—pretty much everything girls go through. Every chapter made me laugh harder and harder. A must-read!”—BAILEY WHITSITT, AGE 10

“In Mia the Meek, Eileen Boggess brings to life every teenage girl’s balancing act—the teetering between what you think you want and what you really want out of high school. Mia Fullerton is engaging and exciting, and her journey from shy to sassy reads as if you have a front row seat to her transformation. Mia’s desire to reinvent herself just in time for high school presents snapshots of the embarrassing (Hello . . . Mom), the unexplainable (the fire in the lab), and the overall priority to get ‘the guy’ (Pick me!). Her yearning to be true to herself, coupled with the awkwardness of growing up, is celebrated. Plus, in Mia, Mrs. Boggess has created an awesome role model for girls. She allows the reader a peek into Mia’s thoughts and a glimpse at her goals. She demonstrates the many layers of influence—from friends and family, to sports and smarts—that help girls evolve into their true selves. In her novel, Mrs. Boggess allows Mia to blossom through real-life girl stuff. Her journey is real. She is truly a girl who has a goal to become her very best without denying the many facets of her personality. Smart, athletic, adventurous, and self-confident, Mia is no longer meek! Mia, you go girl!”—TERI SIEMBIEDA, TALENTED AND GIFTED TEACHER, ST. THERESA MIDDLE SCHOOL

“Wow! I really like this book!!! It reflects my life in some ways. I can’t wait until the next book comes out.”—BRIA CLARK, SIXTH GRADE STUDENT

“Eileen captures the sarcasm and attitude that I love! When I read this book, it made me feel like Mia was my friend. I understood her challenges—a trying-too-hard-to-be-cool mom, an annoying little brother, the difficult social pressures of dealing with ‘popular’ girls and developing a crush on a boy, and the stress of handling it all. She had me cheering for Mia, and anticipating the sequel, so I can spend more time with my new friend.”—ALYSSA BEDFORD, AGE 12

“I recently finished reading Mia the Meek and the book was great. I especially liked how Mrs. Boggess crafted a very believable plot. My favorite part of the book was getting to know the character of Mia. She was a totally realistic and believable teenager. Mia is like most typical teens. She is athletic, smart, and hilarious, but she is still not perfect. I think every girl resembles Mia in some way or knows someone just like her. Her journey through her first year of high school was filled with personal accomplishments overcoming tough challenges, and was full of laughs. Mia the Meek is totally entertaining!”—KELSEY DUFF, EIGHTH GRADE STUDENT

“Eileen Boggess has a gift for developing characters you care about, and putting them in situations every reader will relate to. Mia Fullerton is off to a great start with the first installment in what I’m sure will be a terrific series.”—MIKE ABRAMS, AUTHOR OF LETHAL REMEDY

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