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Walking Home With Baba Rohini Ralby
Walking Home With Baba
Rohini Ralby


“If I may borrow a musical term, Walking Home with Baba is a kind of rondo form, with Ralby’s stories of her guru Baba (Swami Muktananda, 1908-1982), forming a refrain between a series of practical spiritual lessons. The stories, many of which take place at the Ganeshpuri ashram in India, are all from Ralby’s personal experience between 1976 and Baba’s death in 1982. The lessons would make a book by themselves. They include such topics as an introduction to spiritual practice, the Foursquare personality game: a technique of exploring and recognizing how to own the opposites and contradictions in your life, and the practice of meditation. They are all explained in quite simple, straightforward language. There are, to be sure, a collection of Sanskrit words sprinkled throughout the text, but all are explained, and repeated enough, that they become a kind of new vocabulary to the patient reader (there is also a handy Glossary in the back). The one chapter I had difficulty reading, because I was not familiar enough with the source, is the commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which as Ralby herself notes, requires you to ‘raise your game a bit to follow the subtleties.’ But, then again, while this book is written in a clear and very understandable style, it isn’t intended to be easy. It’s an introduction to a practice. It’s short enough that you can read it in a day, but difficult enough that it bears much rereading. Nothing is sugar-coated, including the stories of Baba. They are sometimes humorous. My favorite in this vein is the story of Baba cooking kir with Swiss chocolate, for a Brahmin (p. 73). They are also full of the petty venialities brought by many of the guests to the Ganeshpuri ashram. Baba is sometimes angry, sometimes gentle, but always giving what is needed, often with a touch of impish humor. The stories create a gloss on the lessons, but also a way into the lessons in the form of real life experiences, with Baba as guide. The title, Walking Home to Baba, is a metaphor for the journey to finding God within. As Ralby notes in her conclusion, it’s not an easy path ‘Reading this book may have given you lots of ideas, but if you walk away satisfied with only ideas, you will not get far along the path.’ (p. 155). So this is most definitely NOT Chicken Soup for the Soul. It’s more like an invitation to a discipline that’s both demanding and highly rewarding. Note to self: The path is difficult because it takes practice!”
?Ned Quist, Associate University Librarian for research and outreach, Brown University Libraries

“Whether as head of security or appointments secretary, Rohini’s relationship with Swami Muktananda (Baba) is the crucial element of her spiritual journey and, as she says here, with almost all journeys of Self discovery, ‘You need the guidance of a good teacher.’ On such spiritual journeys, we need a guide, a Guru, who takes us from the darkness of ignorance to Enlightenment?someone who has made the journey and who knows which paths to take and which to avoid, where the pitfalls are and where to be particularly careful, where to take your time and enjoy the experience. Of course, each person’s journey is unique, but there are certain factors that all spiritual journeys have in common. In this book, Rohini has not only given us fascinating and wonderful insights into what constitutes a spiritual journey, but done much to help others make a successful journey Home.”
?Ramesh Pattni, Trustee of Chinmaya Mission UK, Teacher of Advaita Vedanta, and currently researching Yoga Psychology at University of Oxford, Oxford, England

“I am slowly reading the book now, Rohini, and loving it!! I feel like Baba is HERE again . . . really close! Thank you.”
?Olivia Hussey-Eisley, Actor, Director, Peace Advocate, and Animal Rights Champion

“There are two important things which I look for in a spiritual book. The first is authenticity. Has the author genuinely experienced that about which they write, or are they reorganizing concepts which they’ve read in other books. The second is: Does the author clearly present an effective practice which will guide the reader to a direct personal experience of what the author promises via the conveyance of the book. What Rohini has written is authentic. I was there, during the time period covered in Walking Home with Baba, and I witnessed many of the events she shares. She had a direct, personal relationship with Baba?the type of personal relationship that surgically removes chunks of the ego . . . without anesthesia. I couldn’t have known what her internal experience was at the time, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The practices she offers work. She actually did all of the practices she shares, with powerful focus and depth. She has experienced what she’s talking about, which actually is the only way one can effectively guide others. What other author has two amazingly accomplished sons, verifying on the book cover the direct positive experiences of growing up in practices guided by their mother? Really?”
?Eddie Oliver, COO and Board Member of Baba’s Spiritual Organization

“Well reflecting the tremendous wisdom, compassion, and inner-power of someone who has spent decades practicing what she learned from Swami Muktananda, Walking Home with Baba is written by someone who has dedicated her life to sharing and illuminating the lessons of this God-realized saint. Like ‘Baba,’ Rohini points the way to a most subtle path to God?the experience within your own soul. The genuine spiritual understanding she expresses so simply and directly conveys a deep insight into reality, the nature of the mind, and compassion towards others. Her words will penetrate your soul and bring you back to your own heart.”
?Kathy Matava, M.S., Pastoral Counseling, and successful business owner

“A wonderful new book … which I am delighted to shine the spotlight on … Rohini, a Guru bhai, guru sister, and I spent many years sharing the extraordinary adventure of living with Swami Muktananda.”
?Robert Rabbin, founder of the Hamsa Institute for Enlightened Leadership, Truth for President, Radical Sages, RealTime Speaking, and The 5 Principles of Authentic Living

“We live in a time when self-styled gurus offering new recipes for spiritual enlightenment show up almost every day.  New Age affirmations, the endless flavors of hatha yoga, sweat lodge retreats, new and newer ways to use the breath—these and other practices create the illusion that the ways of being spiritual are many, and they all take us to the same place. Sadly, many seekers have followed such paths to a dead end. Yet, for at least the last millennium, an unbroken lineage has run deep through every major spiritual tradition, telling us the same truth: that God is within, and that we can connect to that Reality by looking in and resting in the Heart. The spiritual practice passed down from the early Christian fathers and through Sufi, Buddhist, and Hindu mystics is the same practice that Rohini learned from her beloved guru, Swami Muktananda. And this is the practice she shares with us here. The teacher-disciple relationship is at the core of the mystical tradition, and with her luminous intelligence, joyful humor, and unending love for her Baba, Rohini is an engaging and masterful guide through territory she has traversed for more than thirty years of living and teaching the practice. Savor every word here, allowing each one to vibrate within you, because the very act of reading it will take you closer to that fountain of Truth, Bliss, and Consciousness that lies hidden in the Heart.”
?Clara Marin, freelance editor and translator

“I have just read Rohini Ralby’s beautiful book, Walking Home with Baba. Her wonderful stories of Baba brought back lovely memories of those days. I was with Baba in Miami, Sth Fallsburg, Santa Monica, and Sth Fallsburg again.  I was definitely a ‘nobody’ from Australia, but I remember Rohini very well. I may have been one of the many who had a birthday with Baba, which she organised. That was an amazing time. It’s so good to read about Baba. I thank Rohini so much for writing this book. Her understanding of the essentials of Baba’s teachings is inspiring. And she writes so clearly. She has made Baba’s teachings on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Kashmir Shaivism very accessible to people from all walks of life without diminishing or changing the true essence of Baba’s words. Such an important achievement!”
? Vivien (Ishwari) Graham, Educator, Melbourne, Australia

“Walking Home with Baba puts ancient spiritual truths in a contemporary context to provide practical, understandable tools for anyone embarking on a spiritual path. If you are ready to start this journey or just contemplating it, Rohini’s book will provide the direction you are looking for.”
? John Pollara, Sales Vice-President, Milner-Fenwick publishers

“Having grown up with the author as both my mother and my teacher, I have not only enjoyed this book, I have lived it. Very simply, what Rohini Ralby writes about works. This book is an invaluable resource for those courageous enough to want their lives to be genuinely fulfilling and productive. The practice she describes is not ethereal or abstract; it is very real and very doable. In many ways, it is also very simple. As odd as it sounds, the hard part is being willing to allow your Self to be free of drama and problems. More times than I care to admit, I have watched my life head in the wrong direction when I’ve been too lazy or rebellious to put my energy toward the practice explained in this book. This is not to say that reading this book will help you make your life become easy. What Rohini’s teaching provides, however, is an approach to life that will help you clean up your own vehicles?your mind, your body, your intellect?such that they may operate more effectively in the world around you. As that happens, your world will start to clean itself up as well, and at a minimum, your experience of life and your relationship to it will improve. My life is enriched daily by what this book prescribes, and I would love nothing more than for others to share that experience.”
?Ian Ralby, JD, PhD, attorney, consultant, and expert in international law and security issues

“With wisdom, grace, and humor, Rohini Ralby gives us the clear message that spiritual practice is accessible to everyone. As she describes the lessons of spiritual transformation, she leads us on our own walk home to the true Self. Through both practical instruction and generous stories of her own walk home with Swami Muktananda (Baba), we are shown that no matter what difficulties or doubts may arise, through consistent practice, discipline, and love, we can remove our ignorance and remember who we truly are. The goal, so eloquently delivered here by Rohini, is to love the practice.”
?Ina Stephens, MD, FAAP, Charlottesville, VA

“The book did a nice job of introducing the reader to the points the author wanted to make during the chapters on spiritualism. The concepts were easily explained, each one going more in depth along the way, and the topics were easy to follow. The stories with Baba were nicely integrated into the book and provided an easy transition to a more relaxed, almost one-on-one conversation with the author. I could really feel as if I was sitting with her while she was telling these stories. Most of them provided a deeper meaning, which was fairly well explained in each story, and some of them were even comical. While some of the other chapters felt like work to read, the Baba chapters provided a nice juxtaposition of teaching through example. The book’s ending was very touching, and the relationship between Baba and the author really captured me and left me wanting to read more Baba stories, so perhaps a follow-up memoir might be very popular. “
?Vincent Dajani, Goucher College Student, Towson, MD

“I highly recommend Walking Home with Baba. Rohini offers practical, real life insights and lessons in to how to achieve a rich interior life. Her stories make you want to read them again and again.”
?Allison W., reviewing on amazon.com

“Walking Home with Baba provides the tools for anyone who’s looking for a true guide to spiritual practice. The stories from Rohini’s own journey make the spiritual journey accessible and relevant to all of us. This is the kind of book you will read over and over again and gain more wisdom and insight each time you read it. Buy it now! You won’t regret it.”
?Rodney R, reviewing on amazon.com

“Great book. An opportunity to learn from a brilliant teacher, and a perfect tribute to Baba’s teachings. I highly recommend this book.”
?Stacey L, reviewing on amazon.com

“This is not your typical book on spirituality. If you have studied spirituality in an academic setting and want to know the practice and not just the theory, Ms Ralby’s book will close the gap better than any other I’ve seen. Though it’s written in a clear and accessible style, it has real experience and scholarship behind it. The section on the Yoga Sutras alone is very accurate and carefully worked out, and will round out your understanding of that classic text. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get past a purely academic understanding while avoiding the pitfalls that can arise with non-scholarly New Age rhetoric. Walking Home with Baba has serious clarity and rigor, and it reveals more and more with repeated reading.”
?Brian Slanger, Photographer, Albuquerque, NM

“Walking Home with Baba is an invaluable book for all those searching for the answer to who we truly are. This practical book explains clearly what spiritual practice is and gives us tools to help with our journey home. Stories from the author’s own journey give real life modern day examples to help reinforce and deepen our understanding. Very useful and engaging! I highly recommend it.”
?Melanie R., reviewing on amazon.com

“Walking Home with Baba is a powerful and easy-to-read guide to true spiritual practice. What I especially liked about Ms. Ralby’s book was the straightforward and practical application her teachings have to everyday life. I highly recommend it. I am buying copies to give to close friends and family.”
?J. Schaffer, Baltimore, MD

“Walking Home with Baba is an incredible book on spiritual practice and is accessible to readers of all denominations. Rohini does an amazing job switching between her experiences with Baba and her teachings, each chapter full of lessons. It is a book that you won’t be able to put down and is highly recommended.”
?Douglas T. Oppenheimer, Baltimore, MD

“A guide to true spiritual practice from someone who has spent her life practicing. The book is practical and enjoyable. I recommend it highly.”
?Larry C, reviewing on amazon.com

“If you are searching for a path to God, take the time to read this book. Rohini’s teaching has made all the difference in my life. Rohini, thank you for following your path and offering it to me and now to everyone with this excellent book.”
?Ray F, reviewing on amazon.com

“Great book! Five stars! As a student of Rohini Ralby for 15 years, I have experienced first-hand that she is an excellent spiritual teacher and guide. Now she has written an invaluable book explaining what spiritual practice is for all people on a spiritual journey. Outlined in the book are her teachings along with stories from her own life. These stories reinforce the teachings and help the reader look at their own everyday experiences and see how in every moment we can choose to live more consciously and take steps to walk closer home to God. This book will touch all aspects of your life. I highly recommend it.”
?Melanie Ruckle, Owner-Operator, Putnam Hill Nursery, Forest Hill, MD

“As someone who practices yoga, I am always interested in reading books about Eastern philosophy. I haven’t yet found one book that gives me everything I need in this area, but I like to read different perspectives and I seem to get something new out of each book that I read. In this regard, Walking Home with Baba by Rohini Ralby is as good as any book I’ve read. Her explanation of the yoga sutras is clear and concise, and I really liked the chapter on foursquare personality games, because I thought it was a terrific way to present the way we box ourselves in with labels and how we can get out of this trap.”
?David Rickert, Illustrator, Columbus, OH

“I just completed reading Walking Home with Baba. I loved it. Gloria Mylyk (Durga) first introduced me to Baba in 1974. I lived for five years in the Boston ashram as a householder. My years with Baba were deeply transformational, and I cherish the time to this day. Thanks to Rohini Ralby for sharing her intimate experiences and her in-depth studies of ancient scriptures. She has a gift for expressing the esoteric in practical terms, demonstrating how this wisdom guides us to the Self, even in our hurried, materialistic lifestyles.”
?Anna (Gopi) Carter

“Many, many deep pranams of thanks to Baba Muktananda for sending on His Shakti and wisdom through Rahini’s powerful guide for spiritual aspirants. It served to fill in many blanks for my abruptly ended sadhana in Ganeshpuri during the summer of 1982 through Baba’s Mahasamadi. While reading the book, I was able to revisit in my mind all the places in the ashram, from the back stairs to the upper gardens. Everything came back to life while giving me new in-depth insights into Baba’s teachings. This book is a must-read for anyone on the spiritual path, but particularly for those of us who knew and loved Baba Muktananda in person.”
? Brigitte Elerick, Photographer, El Paso, TX

“As a boy, the rigors of the internal training I received from my mother made other challenges pale in comparison. I finished high school at 16, college at 19 as valedictorian, and I had two masters and a PhD by the age of 23. Many have assumed such a record the result of a pushy mother; ironically, the only arena where she pushed me was in spiritual practice, and for that encouragement I will be eternally grateful. I attribute my academic success entirely to my internal training, for it not only gave me the clarity of heart necessary for disciplined study, but it also made academic work seem trifling by comparison and requiring little effort. This book’s combination of instruction and narrative strikes an important balance. It allows one to study the dense and deceptively simple language of instruction, and then see examples—whether clear at first or not—of how instruction can and has been applied in the life of one completely dedicated and devoted to the practice. In sharing her own stories, Rohini shows some of the progression that took her to where she is today, demonstrating that the ‘walk’ is a long one, but one fundamentally both human and humane. By sharing of herself, she gives us assurance on our own way. By sharing her teaching, she gives us the tools to get where we need to go. It is up to us to use those tools, for without our will, this book remains valuable only in theory; and it would be a terrible waste if we considered it only theoretically or academically of use. The teaching is Real. We must practice.”
? Aaron Ralby, PhD, linguist, entrepreneur, and consultant

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TITLE: Walking Home with Baba: The Heart of Spiritual Practice
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