Singled Out Praise

Singled Out
by Sara Griffiths
paperback $14.95

“Singled Out is a real page turner! As in Thrown a Curve, I am impressed with Griffiths’ writing style and her ability to raise issues that affect not only adolescents but adults as well: loneliness, low self-esteem, poor communication, family problems, goal-setting, and the importance of mentors and caring friends. She has deftly woven in moral values, including the futility of revenge, which she tied to the book The Count of Monte Cristo. Singled Out is a compelling and thought- provoking book.”
—Jeanne Doremus, Retired Teacher and Curriculum Supervisor

“Griffiths writes in deliberately unadorned prose in order to attract reluctant readers. Her story, however, reflects Taylor’s dignity and never panders to immature readers, demonstrating a keen understanding of and respect for her audience. Her sentences may be simple, but her story is not. Taylor shows courage and determination as she remains wary of her fellow students yet decides to risk taking Sam’s offered help. The suspense will keep even reluctant readers hooked as Taylor seeks both revenge and success. A solid effort with appeal to a wide audience. (Fiction. 12 & up)”
—Kirkus Reviews

“It is a quick, easy, and enjoyable read that guys and girls can both relate to.”
—Summer Smith, Junior, Columbia High School

“Singled Out is thoroughly enjoyable reading! I couldn’t put it down! The character of Taylor shows great maturity since we first met her in Thrown a Curve. The analogy of Taylor’s situation to that found in The Count of Monte Cristo was very original. It teaches that revenge doesn’t solve anything. It piques students’ interest to read that book as well. Kudos to Sara Griffiths! She can really identify with the youth of today and proves it in her writings.”
—Patricia Nicholanco, Retired Educator

“Taylor Dresden has one passion in life: baseball. While her grades aren’t great, and her social life is empty, baseball is her focus. She is recruited to an all-boys’ prep school her senior year. Why an all boys’ school, you ask? This is where the mystery begins! Someone does not want Taylor to succeed at the Hazelton School for boys, but the more they ignore her, mess with her test scores, or try to ruin her pitching, the more Taylor fights back. Singled Out is a great book for any female that likes sports, but wants a novel with a little mystery and of course romance.”
—Jennifer Reynolds, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Ellington Middle School, Ellington, CT

“Sara Griffiths knows her readers. This heroine’s story is riveting, courageous, and unexpected. In fact, it’s a masterpiece. Read it!”
—Ellen Hark, Art Teacher, South Orange Middle School, South Orange, NJ

“As a teacher, it is great relief to have a go-to book recommendation for my students. As a mother, it is a comfort to know there are heroines like Taylor for my daughter to emulate, and writers like Sara Griffiths to admire. Singled Out captures the tone of teenagers in a way that appeals to everyone, young and old.”
—Amy Gilsenan, English Teacher and Mother

“After confronting and conquering countless adolescent issues thrown at her in Sara Griffiths’ first novel, Thrown a Curve, Taylor, the protagonist, decides, in Griffiths’ sequel, Singled Out, to accept a scholarship and change schools as a way to get a fresh start. With hesitation and reluctance, Taylor enters her senior year at an upscale private high school for boys. Griffiths realistically hits the nail on the head as she captures the numerous and unusual pressures Taylor faces—pressures that many teens face in today’s world. The book kept me in suspense until the very end. Has Taylor trusted the right person? Is she capable of making the right choices? Will she succumb to so many pressures, or will her future be a ‘no hitter’? Griffiths, in her second novel, proves she has what it takes to be a novelist for adolescents and teens. She has written a poignant, well-paced, suspenseful novel, full of issues today’s adolescents and teens face. All adolescents and teenagers will be able to relate to those issues, and to the ways in which Taylor steps up to the plate in dealing with them.”
—Bonnie DiBlasio, Middle School Special Education Teacher/Team Leader, New Jersey

“Singled Out is an exciting and sporty new teen novel by Sara Griffiths. Having read Thrown a Curve, I wanted to find out to if Taylor would succeed at Hazelton and on the field. I really enjoyed reading it and finished this quick and fun read in a day!”
—Marjolein BookBlog

“Young readers will become invested and engaged in the elaborate characterization of Taylor as she navigates through authentic and relatable conflicts.”
—Gary Pankiewicz, English Language Arts Supervisor (Grades 6-12), District of South Orange and Maplewood, NJ

“I couldn’t put down this book; it was that good. If there are more books like this one, I want to read it, whether it’s by this author or another one. Oh! I didn’t read the first one. But you don’t really need to; it makes sense even when you don’t read the first one. But I will be reading the first one and I hope it’s as amazing as this one! I loved this book—sports and romance go good together. It was sad that the other girls that went to the all boys school couldn’t take the bullying from the gang that ruled the school.”
—Bewitching Books

“In Singled Out, Sara Griffiths takes to the next level her compelling central character and her great story-telling ability. Using an intriguing conflict to drive the character’s thoughts and actions, Ms. Griffiths adds suspense to produce a lucid and page-gripping narrative. Singled Out is a must read.”
—Daniel Savarese, English Teacher

“Taylor’s character has matured into a strong young woman! Young adult readers will identify with her many struggles and triumphs.”
—Lisa Galzerano, School Librarian (she is reading Thrown a Curve to her 8th grade students)

“Singled Out is a great book for all young teens. The reader is immediately pulled into the story, and Taylor’s character experiences challenges that can easily be related to.”
—Dylan Bishop, 7th Grade Student

“Both adults and teens will relate to the issues faced in this moving young adult novel. Readers will want to understand Taylor as she takes on and overcomes her challenges. It will move teens to be more confident and self-aware, and it will open adults’ eyes to the problems faced in everyday teen life.”
—Louisa Luisi, High School English Teacher

“Singled Out by Sara Griffiths is a great new YA novel. It’s the second book in a series about a young girl, Taylor, who is an amazing pitcher. It’s the sequel to Thrown a Curveball, but also can stand alone without reading the first in the series. In Singled Out, Taylor is given the opportunity to go to an all boys academy on a baseball scholarship. She is one of three girls to first attend this school and the girls are not given a warm welcome. The rulers of the school, the Statesmen, give the girls a hard time hoping that they will leave the school. However, Taylor is determined to not let them get the best of her and remain there, but does she have the courage? This is one of those books that suck you right in and you are left wondering a few hours later after you have finished, where did the time go? This book is about courage, dedication, love, and fear. Even if you don’t love baseball, this book is still for you. Baseball is Taylor’s life, but it is more about survival that motivates the reader to keep reading. The minor characters, such as the Statesmen, help to move the plot along and these characters evolve over the course of the story. I recommend this book to readers of all ages, especially young adults, because this book was geared towards them. It teaches about courage and survival in a time of fear and complete isolation. And it reminds me of The Chocolate War and The Wave, so if you liked these books, this book is definitely something you will want to read. Singled Out shows that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.”
—Stephanie Kromer, Educator

“Singled Out is a fun, quick read. Taylor has so many obstacles in her way, but she manages to stay calm and focused in every situation. Her dad is a very supportive parent and only a phone call away (the school is a boarding school.) Sam is a boy most girls would love to have on their side and as a boyfriend. I thoroughly enjoyed Singled Out and plan on reading Thrown a Curve, also by Sara Griffths, and would love to read Taylor’s continuing story. I recommend Singled Out for fans of baseball stories, teen romance, and reluctant readers.”
—YA Book Blurbs

“Took me less than a day to read it. It’s double spaced, big text, and barely 200 pages. It was good, cute, and very sweet. I can see why others liked it and I can’t wait to see if there is another one in the series.”
—Kati Lear Schweitzer, 17

“Singled Out is a fun, mysterious, romantic, well-written, and fast-paced story, with characters that are easy to root for or against. Taylor is a tough, resilient girl in an even tougher high school with years of elitist history, yet the story could never be labeled feminist . . . Girls and boys alike will enjoy this sequel to Thrown a Curve even if they have not read that first book. Singled Out can stand on its own. Everything you need to know about the first book is told in the first few pages. Taylor wants to go to college on a baseball scholarship and Hazelton is her last chance to wow the scouts, with both her pitching skills and her grades– if she can hone her study skills and survive the Statesmen’s wrath. Finding out if Taylor can do all this will keep you turning pages till the very end. You won’t want to put down Singled Out.”
—Tween and Teen Books

“I love stories about a girl playing a guy’s sport. It’s got so much potential for good conflict and even better and more interesting romance possibilities. This book was no exception. Taylor is an amazing baseball player who basically has exhausted all possibilities of any serious competition from her local teams. So she gets recruited to an exclusive all boys school to play baseball with a really competitive team. The catch? The boys don’t want her there, nor the other two girls that have been selected, one for academics and the other for basketball. These boys will, and do, go to any lengths to try to get these girls out. Taylor isn’t so easily overthrown, though. She’s smart enough to realize what’s going on and to take steps to protect herself. Her academics are suffering, but she does what she has to in order to keep them up so that she can play baseball. Enter Sam. Once a bad guy, but maybe not anymore. The growing relationship between these two was very nice. My favorite part of the story? The entertaining scenes of Taylor playing baseball. I loved watching her best the boys. Thinking someone is a joke and then getting your butt handed to you (so to speak) on the baseball field was so funny. This story had romance, a little intrigue, and just the right amount of mystery to make it really interesting. A very enjoyable read.”
— Reader Girl Reviews A Teen Book

“To her writing, Sara Griffiths, a middle school Language Arts teacher, brings her considerable knowledge and understanding of teens. In this book, as with her first book in the series, she seamlessly melds the characters’ interests with a realistic storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel and look forward to more of the same.”
—Michele Pozner, Librarian, Temple Emanu-El, Livingston, NJ

“Thrown a Curve has been a part of my students’ independent reading list from the start. I’ll be happy to add its engaging sequel, Singled Out. My readers identified with Taylor and will be happy to see how she has matured. With Taylor, Sara Griffiths created a wonderfully believable character and drawn her readers in with viable solutions for overcoming life’s obstacles. My ESL students have asked about the sequel and I cannot wait to tell them it will soon be available. Singled Out is as good a novel as the first!”
—Dawn Ring, Bilingual/ESL Department Chairperson, Vineland High School – South Campus, Vineland, NJ

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