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Thanksgiving at the Inn
Tim Whitney hardcover $19.95

Ever since his mother left, life hasnít been easy for Heath Wellington III. Between his fatherís (Juniorís) bouts with alcoholism and literary rejection, and Heathís own wrongful suspension from school, there hasnít been all that much to be thankful for.

But following the tragic death of estranged grandfather Senior, father and son alike stand to inherit a life-changing fortune . . . with one catch.

Heath and Junior must spend the next three months managing Seniorís bed and breakfast, located in the same Massachusetts home Junior has spent the last eight years trying to escape.

Upended from his everyday life and relocated to a town where everyone knew and loved the grandfather he canít even remember, Heath finds an inn full of some of the strangest people heís ever met, such as:

ē Winsted, the old, wise Jamaican man who used to lead the prayers in Seniorís factory;
ē Mrs. Farrel, an elderly woman giving away her late husbandís fortune letter by letter;
ē Mustang Sally, the muscle-bound, tattooed grease monkey who doubles as a childrenís author;
ē Carter, the silent TV news junkie and secret Harvard graduate.

And at a nearby school is Savannah, Juniorís first love, and her adorable, autistic daughter, Tori.

But most of all, thereís Junior himself, vinegar to Heathís oil. As Heath adjusts to his new world, what he needs most is to start anew with his father, to understand that Junior, too, is dealing with loss, and to realize that, even in the most tragic of times, thereís a lot in life to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving at the Inn is a beautiful story of family and forgiveness, and a sure holiday classic. Tim Whitneyís fantastic, heartwarming debut is one youíll want to read with the whole family for years and years to come.

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