The Case Against My Brother Praise

The Case…
Libby Sternberg
harcover $19.95
paperback $14.95

“A riveting story of faith and betrayal against a background of bigotry. Touching and inspiring.”
—Carolyn Hart, mystery novelist widely hailed as America’s heir to Agatha Christie

“I will admit to a weakness for well-written young adult mysteries, but have rarely found one I consider superior. The Case Against My Brother is that very rare exception . . . I highly recommend it—to anyone of any age.”
—Sarah Bewley, Award-Winning Playwright/Screenwriter

“As a Catholic who grew up in an older city neighborhood of mainly eastern Europeans, I found this terrific book to be both touching and highly informative.”
—Mary Sunday, Librarian, The Catholic High School of baltimore

“Illuminating a dark corner of American history too often forgotten, it vividly portrays how religious and ethnic intolerance can poison a community and ruin lives . . . Today’s children, I hope, will read this book and learn that intolerance wears many disguises, including nationalism.”
—Paula Abrams, Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School, who’s published a law review article, and is writing a book, on the Oregon School case

“A powerful reflection on the times and the plight of poor immigrants . . . An especially well-written book with wonderful characters and suspenseful plot.”
—Diane Ravitch, senior fellow at the Hoover and Brookings Institutions; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education; author of numerous books on education; and honorary life trustee of the New York Public Library

“Deals with a slice of history that few Americans know about, yet whose ramifications continue to haunt us today. The lively writing and vivid characters make history come alive.”
—Clint Bolick, president and general counsel of the Alliance for School Choice, and author of Nicki’s Girl

“A fine, fast-paced mystery for young teens. Pop out and buy a copy for your eighth grade friends and relatives. You’ll be glad you did, and so will they.”
—Kay Muther, historical novelist, and retired teacher, librarian, and school administrator

“Being of Polish ancestry and an Oregonian, I found the paranoia of that time eerily similar to today’s attitude toward the ‘immigration question.’ . . . The book also echoes how today’s Americanized youth struggle to reconcile their ethnicity with the unforgiving pace of mainstream culture . . . I look forward to discussing with my students the issues this fascinating book raises.”
—Jenny Gapp, Library Media Teacher, Cascade Junior High, Turner, OR

“An important and entertaining book for both teens and adults.”
—Dan Lips, education analyst, The Heritage Foundation

“Highly recommended, especially for anyone who likes their mysteries with an historical touch.”
—Jody Crocker, Library Assistant, Kansas State University Libraries

“Gripping and absorbing.”
—Theresa de Valence, Mystery Reviewer, Point Richmond, CA

“The Polish American characters are well-drawn, without the gaffs over language and culture that occur so often when outsiders write about an ethnic group, and the sub-plot of anti-Catholicism and prejudice against Poles in America makes important points about America’s historical nativism—about which many young readers will no doubt be learning for the first time—without turning the book into a tract. A compelling mystery and a classic coming-of-age story, it is entertaining, enlightening, and important.”
—Karen Majewski, Ph.D., Executive Director, Polish American Historical Association

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