The Deadly Trade Media

The Deadly Trade
Ken Morris $25.00

Financial thriller pioneer Ken Morris has returned with a novel faster, scarier, and more current than even his highly-acclaimed debut, Man in the Middle.

Tim Mack is a financial analyst running from a past full of death and drink. But when he leaves the Wall Street rat race hoping to slow down his life in San Diego, he finds that a calm and peaceful existence is just not in the cards. While researching a local biotechnology firm that has just exploded into flames, Tim begins to untangle a lethal web of deceit. A frightening, secret triumvirate of mass murder intricately combines a high-finance broker, a Middle-Eastern terrorist organization, and a dying biotechnology firm willing to do anything to keep afloat.

How far will this alliance go? Tim soon finds out that a bug that “makes AIDS look like a hangnail” might only be the beginning. He teams up with Betsy O’Brien, his spunky and beautiful coworker; Joe Mack, his wheelchair-bound brother who’s a former DEA agent; and Detective Bob Moore, an aging but tenacious cop in charge of leading the formal, but furtive, investigation.

Together, they devise a plan to stop the release of the mutated virus – a plan that brings the lives of Tim, his loved ones, and the rest of the country down to the bare wire. The Deadly Trade pulls on our own worst fears, inspired by the news of yesterday and almost sure to make the headlines of tomorrow. The anthrax scare of 2001 pales in the light of Ken’s terrifying vision. What legendary sportscaster Charlie Jones said about Man in the Middle is even truer about The Deadly Trade: “It can happen—perhaps it already has. And, if hasn’t happened yet, it will.”

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