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About the Author

The short fiction of Deborah Carol Gang has been published in Literarymama Bluestem Journal and The Driftless Review.
Her poetry has appeared in JJournal/CUNY, New Verse News, The Michigan Poet, Literarymama, Arsenic Lobster, and The Liberal Media Made Me Do It.
Her research as a clinical psychologist has been published in Education and Treatment of Children.
Originally from Washington, D.C., she moved to St. Paul to attend Macalester College and then to graduate school in Kalamazoo, Michigan (Western Michigan University), where she remained for her work as a psychotherapist and because of her love of the Great Lake one hour to the West.
Still living in Kalamazoo, she has a Midwestern accent and now writes full-time.

Brief Overview

The Half-Life of Everything, realistic in every detail except for one speculative twist, places a once happily married man in the unwelcome situation of loving two women. David, who has never been unfaithful, is prepared to make the expected sacrifice. Two strong-willed women intervene and everyone finds themselves making unexpected choices. Deborah Carol Gang’s debut novel skillfully poses today’s questions: Can any marriage withstand the transformation of one partner into a lost and helpless child? When does a marriage end? What ultimately does one spouse owe the other? This lyrical and slightly off-kilter story refines those questions, ultimately finding answers in the often unexplored but fertile ground of friendship.

Briefer Overview

A fifty-something, happily married man loses his wife to illness. She’s alive but she’s gone. He finally starts to wonder: What’s a married widower supposed to do? Happiness enters his life again––but with complications. Major complications.

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The half-life of everything
Early Praise
Praise for Deborah Carol Gang’s Half Life of Everything
“A timely, compelling, beautifully written story of love divided, multiplied, but never defeated.  I rooted for every one of Deborah Carol Gang’s memorable characters.”

—Elinor Lipman, bestselling author of numerous novels, including On Turpentine Lane, The View from Penthouse B, and The Inn at Lake Devine   

“Oh the humanity! Deborah Carol Gang’s crisp debut novel shows how, with a little luck, decent people making smart, careful choices can nonetheless careen into troubled new landscapes.  Enjoy the ride and the charming company as this what-if story banks and swerves and carries you safely home.”

—Bonnie Jo Campbell, author of  American Salvage, A National Book Award finalist, and Winner of the 2019 Mark Twain Award for Distinguished Contributions to Midwestern Literature

“Has a novel ever burned so brightly with decency, common sense, and love in the face of fate’s cruel medical tricks as The Half Life of Everything? I don’t think so. This is a one-of-a-kind book, full of grace, humor, and winning characters. The meanings of marriage, fidelity, and love itself are up for grabs, and Deborah Carol Gang’s clear and vivid prose juggles them artfully. A remarkable debut.”

—Andy Mozina, a finalist for the Flannery O’Connor Prize, and author of Contrary Motion, a novel that earned a Booklist starred review 

“I loved this book. The characterization is effortless, the writing full of some truly remarkable and beautiful images, and the plot intriguing and well-paced without slipping into melodrama. In short, practically a perfect novel!”  —Audrey Marek, Cornell University

“The author’s choice of topic was risky, but the story was so beautifully told that I found myself contemplating what I would do if faced with the same situation.”

—Lisa McCrey, Towson University  

“Two pages in, I succumbed. The writing reminded me greatly of Anne Tyler’s novels. And I adore them.”

—Bruce L. Bortz, Publisher, Bancroft Press