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The Naperville White House
Jerome Bartels $14.95

Fantasy government by the people and for the people

Imagine a United States where government exists not just in Washington, D.C., but in the living rooms and basements of thousands of ordinary people.

A nation where software companies have developed and successfully marketed “fantasy government” games in which players take on the roles of cabinet members and congressmen—passing laws, handling crises, and solving problems with street ideas that are neither Democratic nor Republican, but truly independent.

Then try picturing what happens when the gamers’ fantasy becomes reality?

In Naperville, Illinois, Jay Weise, an insurance adjustor by day, serves as President of the United States. Using his inheritance to transform his home office into the Oval Office and his basement into a White House-like Situation Room, he’s put together the greatest fantasy government the users of Nationizer software have ever known.

Secretary of State Julia Ortiz, a quiet librarian at Northwestern University, fights valiantly for peace and diplomacy in a time of constant war.

Secretary of Defense Duane Kilmer, a part-time truck driver and obsessive gamer pursuing a PhD in alternative military history despite never attending college, is devising the armed forces of the future.

Director of National Security Edward Hoffman, a gas station owner who’s spent much of his adult life blasting the Washington government, has conceived revolutionary ideas for combating terrorism.

And Chief of Staff Alesia Thorpe, a customer service representative with a matronly, no-nonsense approach to management, keeps them all in line, plus an enormous Congress, a Secret Service, and a mysterious chief of counterintelligence named John Sykes.

When Sykes, a man the President has never met, warns of a government mole and a kidnapping threat, Weise assumes Sykes is simply taking the “game” too far.

Until it happens, at the exact same time as terrorists strike at the very heart of the nation’s capital, pulling off the kidnappings of the century. . . . and the Naperville White House becomes the nation’s only real hope of saving the hostages.

As reported by Jerome Bartels, crusading vagabond journalist, former White House press secretary, and part-time Radio Shack employee, The Naperville White House is a thrilling, imaginative, and clever piece of fiction just a few years removed from reality. Convincing, funny, and remarkably compelling, Bartels’s novel is a true original.

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