Those Who Trespass Praise

Those Who Trespass
Bill O’Reilly $24.00

Those Who Trespass is a smartly paced murder mystery that will make anyone working in television news sit up and pay attention – very close attention.

Not since former CBS News producer Jon Katz . . . wrote his inside-a-network Sign Off (1991) has a novel set off such a guessing game in news circles.
-NEWSDAY (Syndicated)

Moves along at mystery-veteran speed, and for a talking head, O’Reilly writes clearly, pleasingly, and well . . . it impresses in quite a few areas.

The world TV anchor Bill O’Reilly describes in his new fictional thriller, Those Who Trespass, isn’t far from the reality of daily news journalism, especially network TV news.

In his new, entertaining novel, O’Reilly absolutely blisters the network and local news business…The really juicy stuff for news junkies is how the news folks at a single network routinely steal stories from each other and perform other dirty tricks.
-PETE SCHULBERG, The Oregonian

[A] swift, entertaining 288-page read without literary pretensions or genuflections.
-ED BARK, The Dallas Morning News

Those Who Trespass…takes you into the world of brilliant, but demented serial killer with a totally gripping story you will not want to put down.
-ALAN CARUBA, editor, Bookviews

This user-friendly novel-replete with direct dialogue, buzz words, war stories, a satisfying police subplot and nifty TV dirt-is script-stripped and beach-ready.

Want to know how knives are sharpened and competitors are sabotaged inside those outwardly urbane TV newsrooms? O’Reilly knows it all, and tells you. Electrifying stuff.
-ARTHUR HAILEY, author of Airport and Detective

A speed-read thriller that unmasks the cutthroat world of television news. So real you’ll forget it’s fiction.
-VINCENT BUGLIOSI, author of Outrage and Helter Skelter
This engaging thriller centers around a string of murders being carried out in almost ritualistic fashion against the major players of Global News Network (GNN) and miscellaneous others involved in the television news industry… The real story in Those Who Trespass, however, is that “the way it is,” as Walter Cronkite would have said, is not a very nice way at all. O’Reilly, a veteran of Fox and an Emmy winner himself, reveals the skullduggery that goes on under the anchor desk and on the other side of the camera: correspondents “bigfooting” others’ stories, young climbers doing anything to secure the anchor seat, and ratings outfits fixing the game to suit themselves. Once you’ve read this, you will understand the part of the news that’s not fit to print.

As real and exciting as the streets of New York City. A mystery thriller that only one of New York’s finest could solve.
-WILLIAM BRATTON, former NYC Police Commissioner

Action, suspense, and a gripping first-rate tale. O’Reilly’s thriller takes the reader into a world that has been shrouded in secrecy-up until now. A must-read, but don’t expect a lot of sleep until you’ve reached the end.

I have always enjoyed Mr. O’Reilly on TV, where he now toils for Fox News. And he has written a fiction that has been [widely] praised. Oh, yes, and Liz Smith also loved this one, from Bancroft Press!
-LIZ SMITH, New York Post

O’Reilly knows his cop killers and his canny female reporters and weaves a harrowing tale of revenge and murder. A chilling dissection of the world of network news that has me locking my office door!
-CATHERINE CRIER, hostess of Fox News Channel’s The Crier Report

Detail[s] the corrupt, often despicable world of the networks, where pretty faces from New York conspire to appropriate the work of those on the front lines…Nicely paced, and the network milieu works well as a setting for murder.

If the term “fiendishly clever” had not existed, reviewers would have had to invent it for [this book].
-BOSTONIA, The Alumni Quarterly of Boston University

From the media swarms of Edgartown to the haphazard fury of the Argentine riot to the big-footing, O’Reilly captures the essence of what it’s like to be there … His novel is vicarious fun – for those who’ve been there, and for those who only watch. In Those Who Trespass, a veteran newsman has turned his television experience – and personal animus – to good account.
-EMILY ROONEY, Boston Magazine

Those Who Trespass is disguised as a novel, but O’Reilly ain’t fooling nobody.[He] has written one fast-paced thriller here that will certainly entertain you…This book will burn up the talk shows and the media gossip circuit with speculations about who the real characters are that O’Reilly dispatches with such gruesome and righteous glee.
-GOLD COAST, The Magazine of Florida Life

This really is a “can’t put down book.”
-CLAIRE COVEY, Tuscaloosa News

A compelling little journey – dark but fun. As a movie, it’ll work just fine.
-MEL GIBSON, actor and producer, in 3/02 on his company’s optioning of the book for a movie

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