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Vintage Reading
Robert Kanigel $16.95

Vintage Reading, From Plato to Bradbury:
A Personal Tour of Some of the World’s Best Books

Vintage Reading brings eighty of the world’s most unforgettable books out from behind the high castle walls, lowers the drawbridge, and welcomes readers inside. With lively and concise commentary, award-winning author Robert Kanigel throws an arm around the reader and becomes the tour guide to:
Books That Shaped the Western World
Books on Everyone’s List of Literary Classics
Books on Many a List for Burning
Lighter Fare: Good Reads, Best Sellers
“But I Know What I Like”: Books on Aesthetics & Style
Making Hard Work Easy: Great Works of Popularization
Not Robinson Crusoe…Lesser Known Classics
The Realm of the Spirit: Holy & Human
From St. Augustine’s Confessions to Dorothy Parker’s Stories, Kanigel presents a unique collection of essays unlike any other stuffy attempt at introducing the modern reader to Great Books. Vintage Reading is welcoming. It opens the door to 80 good books rather than post stern-faced guards around them.

Before writing his critically acclaimed titles The Man Who Knew Infinity and The One Best Way, Kanigel penned these essays to guide time-starved bibliophiles to important books they may have missed. The essays appeared in such publications as Baltimore’s Evening Sun, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, and The Los Angeles Times.

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