What we publish:

We’ve published nonfiction books by Pulitzer Prize winners like Stephen Hunter and Alice Steinbach. We’ve had books nominated for that same prize, like Gus Russo’s Live By the Sword.

We’ve published an acclaimed collection of young adult books. Finn, by Matthew Olshan, is required reading in South Carolina schools and in other states. The Re-Appearance of Sam Webber won the Alex Award. Uncovering Sadie’s Secrets, a mystery, was an Edgar finalist, a tremendous rarity for a small press. And of course, they don’t need to be award-winners to have been great, well-reviewed titles.

We’ve published adult books, like the thriller The Samaritan, which was blurbed by six New York Times bestselling authors en route to a film option from Mace Neufeld. We’ve had a number of film options, in fact. The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns, the previous title from The Understory author Elizabeth Leiknes, was a lit blog hit.

And sometimes, something amazing happens. Purple Jesus, a work of literary fiction, was declared “a literary event of the first magnitude” by The Washington Post. It’s gained itself a good deal of underground buzz, and is now part of the curriculum in several Contemporary American Fiction college courses. It hasn’t even been out two years.

Is everything we publish as great as Purple Jesus? Of course not. Is every title something the book trade industry will want to cover? Doubtful. But Bancroft continues to put out great titles in all genres, when it would be a lot easier just to pack it in, for no other reason than that we believe in what we’re doing.

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