Diamond in the Dark

Phyllis Hain

Phyllis Hain

 Hardcover $25

The dramatic story of Phyllis Brown Hain and her struggle to leave behind the shadow of abuse – an Autobiography

A Southern girl’s true story of growing up in the midst of child and spousal abuse.

A blond, green-eyed child of a Marine sent home from WWII suffering from acute brain trauma, Phyllis Brown Hain frankly chronicles her struggle to survive devastating domestic violence and spousal abuse by creating two personas―one for the darkness of home, the other for the brilliance of life. Persistence and physical beauty open a path to escape and lead her to love, money, murder, trials, and prison. Then Phyllis dazzles a handsome Navy doctor, charts a career working with other abuse victims, and finds the strength to confront the demons of the past and the darkness of truth. This fascinating journey of an abuse survivor and national advocate will not just steal readers’ hearts but leave an indelible, searing mark on readers’ minds . . . and on society at large.

Praise for Diamond in the Dark

“I knew Phyllis first as a strong victim’s advocate, but until this book, I had no idea that her determination was based on a lifetime of personal experiences. I’m amazed that she could go into, and stay in, the business of helping others through the same sorts of adversity that she faced. So thank you, Phyllis Hain, for writing this book, and thank you for your service to the helpless people who desperately needed your advocacy. I’m grateful that you’re sharing your experiences and wisdom with us. I can only hope that this blurb will do justice to your wonderful, riveting book. Not only is it an exciting story, but it should be a powerful, positive example to people facing almost any kind of adversity.”

―Brigadier General  Rhonda Cornum, USAMC (Ret.) , the Army’s onetime training leader for the Learned Resilience program


“Phyllis Hain’s story shocks, challenges, and engages the reader. It’s her hardball account of the complexities of violence against women, its profound and traumatic impact on them, and their often long journey to a place of healing. Ultimately, hers is a story of hope and even promise that there is a way out―that women are able to break the cycle.”                                                        

―Niki Fiedler, LCSW, Former Family Advocacy Representative, Fleet & Family Support Center


“Phyllis Hain’s story is strong testimony to human resilience, eventual growth even in the face of adversity, and the critical value of concerned and loving support from others. It’s also testimony to the long-lasting impacts of abuse. My ‘provider’ side was inspired by her engaging story of resilience, growth (with support), and eventual health. In the end, I found the book valuable, and I’d recommend it to anyone engaged in supporting victims of domestic or sexual abuse.”

―Paul Garst M.D., MPH, Deputy Director, Department of the Navy Sexual Assault and Prevention Office (DON-SAPRO)


“This is an incredible memoir―it is honest, it is compelling, and it reads like a good murder mystery! But to anyone working in the field of child protection and advocacy, the book means so much more. Woven into the engaging narrative is the story of a victim finding her voice; of a person reflecting on her experiences and realizing the impact a childhood of victimization can have.” 

―Stacey Kostevicki, Executive Director, Gulf Coast Kid’s House, Inc., whose mission is to facilitate the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse and neglect


“If you’re trying to break free from an abusive relationship, and want to start a new, healthy one, you should give serious consideration to reading Diamond in the Dark. I’ve just finished it and have already recommended it to several women who’ve recently experienced domestic abuse.”

David Dean, Ed.D., HSPP, Psychologist


Diamond in the Dark gripped me and wouldn’t let me go until I finished it and closed the cover. At times, it was terrifying, and frankly I didn’t want to read another word, but I found I couldn’t put it down. The topic hits way too many of us square in our hearts, reliving the hurt and remembering the shame. No one wants to admit to suffering abuse, and I admire Phyllis for having the courage to bare her soul. I could never be so brave.”  

― Kay West, Robert E. Mitchell Center for Prisoner of War Studies


“By writing this book, Phyllis Hain sacrificed her privacy for the betterment of others, and I hope its readers can gain from it as much as I have. Her life story gives hope to people like me. It proves it’s possible to overcome your past. Phyllis is doing a great service for society. I personally want to thank her.”

Dakota Putt, Pensacola, FL

“Phyllis, I finished your autobiography just a few days ago and wanted to congratulate you for such a courageous endeavor. You are a triumphant survivor of life and hopefully your telling of your own story with be a source of strength and courage for others.”

Frankie Berry, Member, Wing of the Aerospace Medical Association


“I started the book yesterday around noon, and finished it about an hour ago. Needless to say, I didn’t get much else done. This is a riveting story. Your honesty and willingness to bare the ugly parts of your life produced a book that gives hope to the many people whose lives have been impacted by abuse.”

―Nevonna Schroeder,Member, Wing of the Aerospace Medical Association

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