Let me introduce myself and my publishing company. I’m Bruce Bortz, the founder and publisher of Bancroft Press. Since 1992, and most intensively since 1995, Bancroft Press has been a distinguished name in the independent publishing world. Recognized by Publisher’s Weekly as “small but enterprising,” and consistently listed among the top 101 independent book publishers by John Kremer since 1998, Bancroft has earned a solid reputation. Renowned columnist Liz Smith praised us as an “up and coming” publisher, and we were featured in “Today’s Librarian” through an extensive Q&A session.


Bancroft Press has published nearly 200 titles, with several selling more than 10,000 copies. Our authors include prominent figures such as:

  • Bill O’Reilly, whose book “The O’Reilly Factor” became a #1 New York Times bestseller for hardcover non-fiction.
  • Stephen Hunter, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and acclaimed movie critic for The Washington Post.
  • Alice Steinbach, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, whose first book with us led to a two-book deal with Random House.
  • Robert Kanigel, an esteemed writer recognized as the author of the year by the Association of Journalists and Authors.
  • Mike Walker, the National Enquirer’s renowned journalist.
  • Sandi Kahn Shelton, humor columnist for Working Mother magazine.
  • Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff saw her memoir, The Missing Kennedy, land on the front page of People magazine and achieve bestseller status.

Our books have received critical acclaim and have been reviewed in prestigious outlets such as Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal, School Library Journal, The New York Times,, Barnes &, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and many, many more.

We have secured over 50 ancillary rights deals for Bancroft books, including book club deals, paperback deals, audio deals, movie options, and foreign publisher sales. This includes notable achievements like:

  • Jonathon Scott Fuqua’s “The Reappearance of Sam Webber,” which won numerous awards and was published as a paperback by Candlewick Press.
  • Matthew Olshan’s “Finn: A Novel,” selected by the BOMC/Teen People Book Club and nominated for a Michael L. Printz Award.
  • Gus Russo’s “Live by the Sword,” a definitive book on the Kennedy assassination, optioned for a Showtime miniseries and a Book of the Month club and History Book Club selection.
  • Jon Morgan’s “Glory for Sale,” a groundbreaking sports book on NFL stadiums and city policies.
  • Sandi Shelton’s “You Might as Well Laugh,” featured in The Wall Street Journal’s top ten books list for work and family.
  • John Homan’s “Wilber Winkle Has A Complaint,” which garnered national attention and media coverage.
  • Susan Laubach’s “The Whole Kitt & Caboodle,” praised as the best basic investment book by the National Association of Investment Clubs and other financial experts.
  • Jonetta Rose Barras’s “Last of the Black Emperors,” which influenced Marion Barry’s political decisions and led to a successful book with Random House.
  • Jim Lynch’s “A Cry Unheard: New Insights into the Medical Consequences of Loneliness,” considered a breakthrough in the medical field.

In my role, I have acquired and negotiated all the book contracts, and edited, overseen the design for, marketed, and publicized all titles. My legal background has equipped me with the skills to navigate the complexities of publishing contracts and negotiations. I have also ghostwritten and significantly rewritten several books, providing editorial guidance and support to many first-time authors.

Our success spans various genres, including narrative history, humor, mainstream fiction, YA fiction, memoir, and literary fiction. Bancroft Press has excelled in finding and shaping good books, positioning them effectively in the marketplace, and making them commercial  successes.

Based in Baltimore for more than 30 years and now situated in the Los Angeles area, I have achieved all this with limited capital, in a highly competitive field, and without the backing of major media. My passion for books, inquisitive mind, hard work, and calculated risk-taking have driven Bancroft Press to where it is today.