Joe Lane

Major Penelope Baldwin, accomplished pilot and tactician, could have expected a bright future and stable military career until a dubious flight mission over Al A’Zamiyah, Iraq, results in the loss of her left leg. As Penelope struggles in recovery, her mother, Evelyn, struggles to secure their financial future and places her savings in the derivatives market, a bubble that is on the verge of bursting. The collapse will destroy what’s left of her finances, along with the investments and pensions of countless citizens. The stage is set for a dedicated warrior, an American heroine, to turn her sights on those greedy, callous men responsible for ripping away her future. Baldwin, along with Tessa Montgomery (Senior Chief USMC), Cynthia Washington (RN MSW), and six other highly competent women, channel their grief and rage, and their search for justice, to become a finely orchestrated and well-financed band of predators. An invisible society of professional predators is leading a lethal attack on the long-sacred relationship between money and politics.