Amy L. Bernstein

Amy L. Bernstein is a multi-genre author and former award-winning journalist renowned for her insightful explorations into the craft of creative writing. As a certified book coach and writing instructor, Amy dedicates her efforts to mentoring and supporting authors from diverse backgrounds across the globe. Her work is driven by a compassionate and insightful approach to the challenges and joys of the artistic process.

From her early beginnings as a second grader writing her first short story, writing has remained the most comforting, joyous, and at times agonizing activity for Amy. Over the years, her career has spanned journalism, speechwriting, and communications, accumulating several awards along the way. As Amy navigates her “years of wisdom,” she is passionately committed to taking creative risks and sharing her creative journey with like-minded individuals worldwide.

Amy’s Substack newsletter, “Doubt Monster,” delves into themes of doubt affecting artmaking, touching on psychology, mental health, philosophy, and beyond. Her presence extends across various platforms where she shares her insights and experiences. These include a series of eclectic essays on Medium, discussions on creativity and risk-taking with life coach Stacey Andon, and insights into character development through dialogue with bestselling author Alessandra Torre.

Amy’s engagement with social media, notably on TikTok, showcases her commitment to providing semi-dignified content focused on writing tips for authors and motivational content for artists, ensuring her followers can engage without reservation.

Rooted in Baltimore, Maryland for over 30 years, Amy is deeply integrated into her local community. She actively supports local artists, nonprofit cultural organizations, and artistic youths by delivering workshops and serving as a judge for arts-related programs and contests. Additionally, Amy’s theatrical works are accessible on the New Play Exchange, and her Vimeo channel features some of her theater work and other projects, underscoring her broad influence in the creative arts.