Dr. Cristina LePort

Dr. Cristina LePort is a multi-faceted personality whose journey from a vibrant childhood in Bologna, Italy, to becoming a celebrated cardiologist and author in Southern California, encapsulates the essence of determination, intellect, and creative prowess. Born into a family where education and the American dream were revered, Cristina had early exposure to literature, and her father’s admiration for the U.S. profoundly influenced her path. 

Graduating summa cum laude from the University of Bologna School of Medicine, she embarked on a challenging yet rewarding medical career that led her to the shores of the United States, despite the hurdles of language and cultural transition.


After completing her residency in Internal Medicine at Long Island College Hospital/Downstate in Brooklyn, NY, Cristina’s insatiable quest for knowledge and specialization in cardiology took her to the prestigious corridors of UCLA for cardiovascular research, culminating in a fellowship at the West Los Angeles VA/UCLA program. Her contributions to the medical field, particularly in aging and chronic diseases through her co-founded biotech company Genescient, underscore her commitment to advancing medical science.

However, it is Cristina’s transition from a medical professional to a fiction writer that unveils the richness of her talents. Inspired by the medical world’s inherent drama and complexity, she has penned gripping medical thrillers that not only entertain but also provoke thought about the ethical dimensions of medicine and science. Her debut novel, “Dissection,” and its successor, “Change of Heart,” are testaments to her ability to weave intricate plots that explore the high-stakes environment of medical crises and political intrigue.

Cristina’s writing is infused with the authenticity of her medical expertise, drawing readers into the visceral realities of the operating room and the ethical dilemmas faced by those in the medical profession. Her narratives are a bridge between the worlds of medicine and literature, offering a unique perspective that challenges the boundaries of both fields.

Residing in Orange County, California, with her husband, Peter LePort, a general surgeon, and surrounded by a loving family, Cristina embodies the dual spirit of a dedicated physician and a storyteller. Her journey from an immigrant with dreams to a respected cardiologist and author is a compelling narrative of resilience, passion, and the pursuit of excellence.

Through her novels, Dr. LePort invites readers into the exhilarating and precarious world of medical thrillers, where the stakes are life itself. With each page, she reaffirms her place not only in the annals of medicine but also in the rich tradition of doctors who turn to writing to explore the moral and existential questions at the heart of human life.