Living the Practice

Vol. Two - The Warrior of Love

“Living the Practice Volume II: The Warrior of Love” by Rohini Ralby is an in-depth exploration of spiritual growth and self-discovery. The text addresses the journey of overcoming the “shrunken self”-a false self-concept constructed by ego, societal expectations, and personal history.

This shrunken self is depicted as a barrier that prevents individuals from accessing their true nature, which is inherently expansive and connected to a universal consciousness. Ralby argues that true spiritual awakening involves a rigorous process known as sadhana. This practice entails disciplined spiritual exercises that help practitioners gradually dismantle their false identities and awaken to their true selves. The book extensively discusses various aspects of this spiritual work, including emotional maturity, overcoming psychological obstacles, and the importance of genuine self-reflection and sacrifice.

Throughout the text, Ralby interweaves her personal experiences with philosophical insights and practical advice, making the journey accessible and relatable. She uses various metaphors, such as the natural process of apoptosis, to explain how individuals must initiate an internal process of self-destruction to renew and revitalize their spiritual lives. This process is necessary to prevent the spiritual equivalent of a cancerous growth, where the false self proliferates to the detriment of the individual’s true well-being.

The book is rich with poetic expressions and artwork that reflect the emotional and existential themes discussed. These artistic elements serve not only as aesthetic complements to the text but also as integral components of the teaching, illustrating the intertwining of beauty, pain, and growth in the spiritual path.

“Living the Practice” also emphasizes the role of a guru or spiritual guide in the journey toward enlightenment. Ralby describes how the guidance and grace of a guru can facilitate the awakening process, helping the practitioner navigate the complexities of their inner world and the challenges of spiritual practice. The guru’s role is likened to an external force that catalyzes internal transformation, providing both support and necessary challenges.

Ultimately, the book presents the spiritual path as one of profound transformation that requires courage, discipline, and a willingness to face one’s deepest fears and flaws. It calls on the reader to become a “warrior of love,” battling against the limitations of the shrunken self and striving towards a state of unconditional love and spiritual freedom. The warrior of love is depicted as someone who not only seeks personal liberation but also works to spread love and understanding in the world.

“Living the Practice Volume II: The Warrior of Love” is a call to spiritual action, offering readers a detailed map to navigate their own spiritual journeys. It challenges readers to question their perceived limitations and to embrace a journey of profound transformation that transcends the individual and impacts the collective consciousness. Through its rich narrative, philosophical depth, and practical guidance, the book serves as both a meditation on and a manual for living a spiritually enriched life.