Malicious Intent

Mike Walker

A Hollywood Fable

Charmain Burns, Hollywood’s sexiest, most talked-about TV actress, wills top at nothing to rise to the top of Hollywood’s A-movie list. So when the cutting-edge tabloid, The National Revealer, begins to uncover shocking information about her scandalous past, and threatens to expose her violent, narcissistic present, she directs a powerful third party to physically intimidate the newspaper from running the story. But, in an odd and undesired twist, Charmain’s vicious, brazen action triggers the accidental death of Revealer reporter Steve Bellini, and the raven-haired, voluptuous actress must move swiftly into cover-up mode, which only compounds her problems. Enter Cameron Tull, the Revealer’s striking, intelligent star reporter, who’s determined to flesh out the cause of his young colleague’s murder. Also enter a mysterious stalker who holds the dark compulsion that Charmain is the key to survival for millions of people. And re-enter Charmain, who’s obsessed with one driving ambition: She’s competing against every star actress in Hollywood for the coveted title role in Medusa, a new, high-profile film about an actress who’d literally kill for a part. As Tull pursues the truth about the murder—and all paths seem to lead directly to Charmain-the stalker sets a diabolical trap for her that ends in an extraordinary, explosive climax. With episodes of sadistic worship and ritual sex, plus the brutal story of Charmain’s turbulent Southern childhood, National Enquirer gossip guru Mike Walker offers readers an intense, shocking, thoroughly entertaining inside-Hollywood escape to a hot, exhilarating world—a novel that feeds curiosity like alcohol feeds a hangover.