Meryl Streep

On the Couch

Dr. Alma H. Bond

Meryl Streep is a Hollywood icon, a political activist, a twenty-plus Oscar-nominated actress, and a mystery. The Devil Wears PradaKramer v. KramerJulie & JuliaMama Mia!, Sophie’s Choice―Meryl does it all. But who is she when the camera stops rolling? What are the thoughts that she keeps hidden?

Enter Dr. Darcy Dale. The most successful psychoanalyst in New York City, Dr. Dale has treated a number of the most famous and exceptional women in the world. Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O., and Barbra Streisand have all managed to find their way to the doorstep of this psychoanalyst”s office.

Fully aware of Dr. Dale’s notability, Streep decides to pay her a call, but not for psychiatric treatment. The actress hopes to observe Dr. Dale as a means of preparing for her next role as a psychoanalyst. The two strike a deal: Streep will undergo analysis herself, just as psychoanalysts must do as part of their education.

In the newest installment of her On the Couch series, Dr. Alma H. Bond gives us a seat on the couch next to Meryl as the actress prepares for her next role, and Dr. Dale performs an analysis of one of Hollywood’s most talented actresses. What follows is one of the most thorough and comprehensive biographies of Meryl Streep.

In this detailed guide to all that made Meryl, anything you have ever wondered is chronicled in Dr. Dale’s session notes. In-depth research spanning Streep’s ancestry, childhood, college years, romantic entanglements, and more all finds its way onto these pages. Anyone who has ever wanted to learn more about Meryl Streep as a person, or has an interest in her acting methods, will undoubtedly lap up this book’s fascinating contents.

Meryl Streep: On the Couch offers what no other biography can: a psychoanalytic perspective into the life and mind of Meryl Streep. While the media gives us the most versatile and amazing actress of her generation, Dr. Bond gives us the mother, the wife, the woman.