Rescue Run

A thrilling rescue goes awry and becomes a desperate flight across Nazi-occupied Europe.

In this exciting sequel to the award-winning “The Hunt for the Peggy C,” Capt. Jake Rogers returns to the North Atlantic as commander of a U.S. Liberty ship with some of his crew from the sunken “Peggy C.”

But disaster strikes, and they end up shipwrecked in Ireland. There, Rogers learns from Dutch sailors that the Nazis have arrested the father of Miriam Maduro, the love of his life, and are about to deport him to a concentration camp.

Rogers and crew sneak back into Holland aboard a gun-running ship from neutral Ireland and make contact with a resistance group to help them. Everything goes according to plan until a shocking discovery leaves them stranded in Holland and forces them to flee for their lives across Nazi-occupied Europe.

They struggle to find other resistance groups and escape organizations to aid them. But informants, imposters, and double agents are everywhere. And with a huge reward on their heads, they can never be sure whom to trust.

To make matters worse, a giant Dutch bounty hunter is in hot pursuit. The utterly ruthless, one-armed, former detective is desperate for the reward. He has no qualms about beating information out of people or working with – and sometimes double-crossing – Nazi officials, French gangsters, and even a suspected serial killer.

In this deeply researched thriller, full of real historical figures, Rogers and crew make one breathtaking escape after another. Using disguises, fake documents, subterfuge, and sometimes force, they slowly make their way toward safety in Spain. But as they get close to their goal, another shocking surprise blocks their way.

To save them, Rogers comes up with one more crazy scheme. It has almost no chance of succeeding.

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