RING: A Novel

Ring takes you on an unforgettable odyssey through the depths of human emotion, from the hollows of grief to the heights of newfound hope. In the backdrop of a snow-covered sanctuary designed to aid the dying, Lee, a middle-aged non-binary individual from the Midwest, grapples with the unbearable weight of losing their young daughter. Abandoning their previous life and even the comfort of a longtime spouse, Lee is driven by a quest for closure—or an end to it all.

Enter Ring, a seemingly ordinary dog with an extraordinary role. Owned by Robert, a terminally ill man preparing to make his final walk through the sanctuary’s Seven Pillars, Ring becomes the catalyst for Lee’s own rebirth. As Lee befriends other souls at the sanctuary, each embroiled in their own battles—from Catherine and Samu, the spiritual leaders, to Viviana, a war veteran scarred by trauma—they are nudged toward a revelation that challenges their initial reasons for coming to this remote haven.

The novel deftly weaves themes of loss, hope, and healing, set against the spirituality-infused environment of the sanctuary. It presents a compassionate view on suicide, grappling with the complex questions it raises about the value and sanctity of life. As Lee engages with mindfulness practices and meditation, the story emerges as an enlightening guide for anyone walking the fine line between despair and hope.

Don’t miss this emotional journey. It tackles the raw, intricate facets of grief, and leaves you pondering the restorative powers of companionship and the human spirit. Ideal for readers coping with loss, struggling with suicidal thoughts, or seeking a deeply spiritual narrative, Ring promises to resonate long after the last page is turned.


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