Running Mates: A Novel

In the quaint yet politically charged town of Edgartown, North Carolina, two worlds are about to collide. Meet Annabelle Morningstar, an impassioned, quirky high school activist raised by her news anchor and surgeon mothers, both champions of progressive ideals. Across town, there’s Gabe Delgado, the quintessential all-American boy, molded by his conservative, Cuban senator father. Edgartown is a town literally divided—the Liberal East and the Conservative North coexisting as neighbors but rarely as friends. But what happens when the two sides meet in the least likely of places: a local bookstore?

When employees at Annabelle’s favorite literary haven decide to unionize, she finds her path unexpectedly crossing with Gabe’s. And then they’re tossed together weekly as they get special training help for their beloved cross-country competitions. With their worlds thrown into disarray, the two high schoolers must navigate their complex feelings for each other while wrestling with their polarized upbringings. Can love bloom in the crossfire of political discord?

“Running Mates” is not just a heartwarming coming-of-age tale. It’s a deep dive into the complexities of ideological divide, a vivid portrayal of modern youth activism, and a rallying cry for empathy. As Annabelle and Gabe discover the gray areas in a world seemingly divided into black & white and red & blue, they learn that both politics and love require courage, compromise, and a touch of rebellion.

Engaging, timely, funny, and at times poignant, “Running Mates” serves as a mirror to our times, daring us to question, to feel, to laugh, and above all, to love despite our differences.