Shannon Nering

If reality television hadn’t been invented, Shannon Nering wouldn’t know what to do for a living! Shannon’s a much-in-demand Vancouver-based docu-reality producer and director, whose savant-like understanding of the genre, combined with her ability to create intimate bonds with her subjects, pays off in riveting television. . . and now riveting novels like Reality Jane.

Recent producer and director credits include “Peak Season” for MTV (Supervising), the CBC ratings winner “The Week the Women Went,” and “Making It Big for Slice.”

A real-life, successful reality TV show producer—with “My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss” (Fox), and “Blow Out” (Bravo) among her other most recent credits—she’s also a former producer of “The Dr.Phil Show,” which was the most anticipated talk show launch in television history. She cut her reality chops in Los Angeles, producing for Bachelorettes in Alaska.

Shannon began her television broadcast career as an on-air host and reporter for the CBC and for the A Channel in Calgary, Alberta, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

She currently lives near Vancouver, BC, with her cameraman husband and two young sons.