Susan Laubach

Written for readers who are novice investors, The Whole Kitt & Caboodle combines Laubach’s own experience as a broker and educator in the setting of a novel. Readers follow the adventures of investment rookie Missy Kitt as she seeks employment from a down-and-out brokerage house and its floundering CEO, Mr. Caboodle. Desperate for help, Caboodle hires Kitt and soon learns what a gem he has discovered. As she digs through company records and learns the secrets of the business, so too does the reader, without even realizing it. Kitt’s efforts lead to a company turn-around.

While the book is fiction, says Laubach, everything in there is true to life. The approach I use has been successful for me and successful for my clients. Laubach, who has appeared on CNN-FM and CNBC’s Morning Business Show, and The Money Club, now runs her own investment education firm after a career as a brokerage manager and trainer. The book, called “the most well-rounded source of basic stock market information and education” by Better Investing magazine is endorsed by Economics America, and the National Council on Economic Education.

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