The Salt Marsh King

Drew Krepp

A modern reimagining of Shakespeare’s King Lear by debut literary novelist Drew Krepp. Henry O’Reilly, the founder and head of a seafood empire nearing the end of his career, makes sudden preparations to divide his empire among his three sons and entrust to them not only the family business, but the future of their North Carolina town. Caught between the spiraling pulls of business intrigue and the deadly force of a hurricane sweeping up the Carolinas, the events of The Salt Marsh King will alter the shape of a barrier island, the destiny of a powerful family, and the fate of the town that relies on their business. Fast on the heels of his 2013 award-winning short story The Brackish, Drew Krepp’s debut novel The Salt Marsh King heralds the full arrival of a talented author whose voice is fresh, intelligent, and powerful.