A Change of Heart

Change of Heart, by Cristina LePort, M.D., weaves an intricate tale that thrusts a former police detective, Kirk Miner, and an FBI newcomer, Charlotte Bloom, into a complex murder investigation masquerading as a suicide. The narrative unfolds in present-day New York City, merging elements of crime, mystery, and romance against the backdrop of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The story kicks off with the mysterious death of a young medical student, Amy Winter, whose demise is initially deemed a suicide until a deeper conspiracy unravels, involving a sinister organ donation chain.

Kirk, struggling with his passion for criminal investigation and its toll on his family life, finds himself pulled deeper into the case, questioning his priorities and what he’s willing to die for. Charlotte, on the other hand, grapples with her own secret—a life-threatening heart condition—as she navigates the perilous waters of cybercrime and mob conspiracy, pushing her career and life to the brink.

As Kirk and Charlotte delve into the murky depths of this case, they encounter a cast of compelling characters, from the empathetic heart surgeon Dr. Zayne Wilder to the formidable Sicilian mobster Santo Montepulciano. Their journey through a tangled web of secrets, family drama, and forbidden love shatters crime drama clichés, offering a riveting exploration of love’s power and the sacrifices made in its name.

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