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New for September 2014:

It Won’t Always Be This Great — A new novel from Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman

The Secrets of the Greaser Hotel — A dark YA urban fairy tale from Alex Award Winner J. Scott Fuqua

“This very entertaining novel (it should be entertaining: it’s written by a longtime Seinfeld writer) is a shining example of non-sequential storytelling . . . The book is full of questions that don’t get answered right away (even the identity of the person to whom the narrator is speaking is clouded in mystery), and it features, like life itself, a story that seems simple enough until you really get into it. This is Mehlman’s first novel, and it’s wonderful.”
Booklist Starred Review

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The Secrets of...  J. Scott Fuqua

The Secrets of…
J. Scott Fuqua

It Won't Always... Peter Mehlman

It Won’t Always…
Peter Mehlman

AFTERSHOCK. July 4, 2014

Joe Lane

Drew Krepp

The Salt Marsh King
Drew Krepp

Gerald Felix Warburb

My Father’s Day Gift
David Andrews

Gerald Felix Warburg

Dispatches from…
Gerald Felix Warburg

Phyllis Brown Hain November 15, 2013

Diamond in the Dark
Phyllis Brown Hain

Alma H Bond, PhD October 15, 2013

Marilyn Monroe…
Alma H Bond, Ph.D

Eden Unger Bowditch

The Ravens of…
Eden U. Bowditch

Murder, mystery, and vintage red!

Pinot Envy
Edward Finstein

Calvert The Raven J. Scott Fuqua

Calvert The Raven
J Scott Fuqua

Harrison Demchick The Listeners

The Listeners
Harrison Demchick

Rohini Ralby

Walking Home…
Rohini Ralby

Singled Out Sara Griffith

Singled Out
Sara Griffith

The Divine Secret Joe Kovacs

The Divine Secret
Joe Kovacs

Rebooting In Beverly Hills Marcy Miller

Rebooting In…
Marcy Miller

Queens of All the Earth Hannah Sternberg

Queens of All…
Hannah Sternberg

Shannon Nering

Reality Jane
Shannon Nering

The Atomic Weight of Secrets Eden Unger Bowditch

The Atomic Weight…
Eden Unger Bowditch

Jackie O: On the Couch Alma H. Bond

Jackie O
Alma H. Bond

The Samaritan Stephen Besecker

The Samaritan
Stephen Besecker

Purple Jesus Ron Cooper

Purple Jesus
Ron Cooper

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