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New Release, July 2016: Both Sides of the Line

“A true story, Both Sides of the Line is one of those unique memoirs that reads like a deftly crafted novel from beginning to end. An absolutely absorbing and inherently fascinating read, “Both Sides of the Line” is very highly recommended for personal reading lists “-

Bestseller: The Missing Kennedy

“Reveals an untold chapter in the Kennedy saga . . .  Also shows how knowledge of Rosie’s disability led to the founding of the Special Olympics by Eunice Kennedy . . . Provides a few interesting glimpses into one member of the Kennedy clan who was almost lost to her family.”
―Kirkus Reviews

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Kevin Kelly July 2016

Kevin Kelly
July 2016

The Missing Kennedy Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff Oct 215

Oct 2015

Hillary Clinton: On The Couch July 2015

Alma H. Bond
July 2015

Mark Falkin March, 2015

Mark Falkin
March, 2015

Peter Mehlman Oct 2014

Peter Mehlman
Sept 2014

Joe Lane

Joe Lane
July 2014

Salt Marsh King Drew Krepp

Drew Krepp
June 2014

My Father's Day... Dave Andrews

Dave Andrews
March 2014

Gerald Felix Warburg

Gerald Felix Warburg
March 2014