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Contract City – A masterfully written YA Novel, Contract City takes us to the near future of Tulsa, Oklahoma, America’s first “fully privatized city.” But the posh suburban landscape is hiding something sinister, and the deeper Sara—a young filmmaker—goes, the more trouble she finds.

“A gripping, compelling look at a privatized dystopia by an exciting new writer . . . .. Falkin’s approach to the young female protagonist in dystopia is refreshing because Sara is not a superhero in awkward girl clothing (sorry Katniss and Tris).”
―Amber Kelly (Generation Cake)

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Hillary Clinton: On The Couch July 2015

Alma H. Bond
July 2015

Mark Falkin March, 2015

Mark Falkin
March, 2015

Peter Mehlman Oct 2014

Peter Mehlman
Sept 2014

Joe Lane

Joe Lane
July 2014

Salt Marsh King Drew Krepp

Drew Krepp
June 2014

My Father's Day... Dave Andrews

Dave Andrews
March 2014

Gerald Felix Warburg

Gerald Felix Warburg
March 2014

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